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Firstly, I am a girl, as in of the female gender. The avatar might've clued everyone into that though, so maybe it was unnecessary to clarify, since it didn't really need clarifying, but I figure clearing things up is good. Though I would find a lot of enjoyment in talking to someone who thought I was a guy--that'd be fun, I think. I could do whatever I wanted because they'd never see me again, and if they did by some strange twist of fate, meet me, they'd never think, "Hey! It's the boy I talked to the other day!" Because, you know, I'm not a boy. And I should stop now. I'm sure this is getting painful for all of you bothering to read this.

Secondly, I like to think of myself as that dark, mysterious, corner child. Sadly, no one agrees. In reality, I'm usually always smiling, and I always swing my feet when I'm sitting because I think it livens things up. But let's pretend you don't know that, and we can treat me as that awesome dark, quiet girl in the back. And I actually do like corners. And rain.

Thirdly, I love to read (probably obvious). And write (pretty obvious as well). But my writing isn't that amazing, so if I ever do decide to post something, please don't be too harsh...actually, be as harsh as you want..criticism should be helpful.

Also, Reviews mean the world to me. Honestly, they make me so freaking happy. So please please please please review!

And I think that's all for now! So yep--Have an awesome day everyone =

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