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I'm Nastasie and I'm a complete noob here. I've been a LiveJournal rat for six years, so I always posted my stories there, but, well, like every other writer in the world, I want to have as many readers as possible. So now I'm branching out, so to speak.

I currently live in my home country, Brazil. My native language is Portuguese, and I learned English when I was very young. I never lost contact with the language, though, so you could say I have quasi-native fluency. But I have a great beta who helps me out with the occasional weird phrasing!

In addition to writing, I'm passionate about classical music, cinema, science, politics and all those geeky things.

Eh...I'll try to come up with something less boring to put in my profile. For the moment, I guess I should add that I do not post WIPs. I'm working on a new story right now, but it might be a while before it's ready.


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