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only three things you need to know about me:

1. food and sleep are the loves of my life

2. i get bored really easily so if i don't update for a while please don't blame me, i just have to get back into writing mode

3. i may not seem like it in person, but i'm actually a huuuuge sucker for romance and fluff :3

i lied, there is another thing you need to know:

4. reviews are the most important thing to me, literally if you review i will love you for life and if you review every chapter i will send a bouquet of flowers to your doorstep (or is that too stalker-y?) (okay maybe not the flowers, but you have my eternal love and gratitude)

finally, if you have not seen the 'llamas with hats' videos on youtube, i suggest you take 8 minutes to relax and enjoy the entertainment it provides. although i do have to warn you, its humour is not for everyone..if you do find it funny, PM me and tell me which one is your fave heuheu (mine is when carl blows up the house, the awkward silence before paul goes "CAAARRRRRLLLL" is h i l a r i o u s.)

i've actually just deleted all my stories...i need to start fresh and tbh they were pretty embarrassing ahhah

but when i finally post, i really do hope you enjoy it and pleeeaaase REVIEW REVIEW REVIEW! criticism is, of course, welcome (please be constructive and not just write "this sucks" because i AM a human and i DO have feelings)

enjoy! :)

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