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Quote of the moment:

"I'll lean on you and you lean on me and we'll be okay." - Dave Matthews Band

Little presentation:

The Name: It's just a name. Call me Verb, it works as well.

Age: Pff, barely into anything interresting yet. High-School drama and fun at your service.

Nationality: French :D So why do I write in English? a) To practice b) I don't know, I feel more free (and it is much easier, you don't have accents like this: é, à, è, ö, ü, ê,...)

About my writings: desperatly romance, trying to vary but when I try I usually fail because it doesn't interrest me enough. Plus I'm horrible at writing action/mystery genres which are my favorites with fantasy (but go write a oneshot fantasy, in my idea, it's impossible.)

I love history! :) But I don't write history, no time and not enough will: I'm an imagination machine full of creative ideas. I start writing maybe 1percent of them. And I actually finish 0.2 percent of them.

I write for my own pleasure, but everyone knows that reviews never killed anyone on fictionpress so don't hesitate!

Ah, if you need any french correcting: I'll be glad to do so as google.translate and babblefish utterly fail sometimes. I know, I use them all the time in the other way.

Have a nice day!

PS: I think the Review Game forum is great, if you have time, go check it out!

A tous les Français! Kof kof, je sais que vous n'êtes surement pas nombreux mais rappelez-vous, vous n'êtes pas seuls! Je n'écris pas en Français mais j'y songe, un jour peut être quand j'aurais le temps... dans un futur incertain. Je me tais, je me tais. Je parle trop. A+

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