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You know those bands that know one knows about? the ones that are actually really good but just aren't known?

you can compare me to one of those bands, actually a really good and funny person but not really known.

I'm pretty shy and seem really akward and weird but when you get to know me i am just like everyone else

well except in my own way.

I love to read and write (like well most people on this website)

i am a much better reviewer and editor when it comes to stories than writing them

Any-who i love finding bands that know one knows about and i have a wide range of different genres

i am who i am and no one can persuade me in my ways, especially if they try to bend me to the "in" way

i refuse to be an image that everyone else is, especially if its because they want me to.

Really i am half surprised that i don't have any enemies, but i really hate to be actually mean to people

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