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Hey guys!!!

My name is...Well, i wont say my name but I'm from NY and am currently majoring in English Creative Writing and Theatre, my two loves!!!! I initially began writing on Fanfiction but Fanfiction is all about expanding on other people's work and it can be quite confining so here i am. My first story on this site is "Always Dandelions" and sometimes it takes me forever to upload because i am always busy and i prefer to write not for the sake of uploading in a timely manner but when something crosses my mind that fits the story and works for it. So i apologize ahead of time for that as well as the typos and grammar (once i AM writing, i get obssesive and cant stop until i upload and when i edit i miss a lot).

Anyways thank you for checking my page out!!!!!!!!

And if you like my stories please check out my other stories at http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1651217/Solarissis

but i do warn that i have forever without uploading and have probably given up on some of my stories there.

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