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Hmm, well let's see. I absolutely LOVE reading. I hate explaining what happens in books and stuff to people, because I end up rambling or getting lost or whatever. I am in love with the Vampire Diaries and the Twilight Saga, but neither one of them overpowers the other in my attention for fandom!! But my current love is in the Vampire Diaries, just because there are still books I need to read and because there's a show, and not a movie that I have to wait FOREVER for!!!

I love writing, but short stories just aren't my thing. I'm writing quite a few books, and I'm just STUCK!! I have MAJOR writer's block, but I'm coping with it. Getting ideas from life, living life, and trying to get through it.

If anyone needs an editor, sign me up!!! I would love to do something with my love for English Literature and edit stories. I mean, like, I really just hate reading stories that have grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes. And I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one. So...if you need it, I'm willing!!

"Je vous aime tous." ^_^

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