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hey my names tannyapple (long story) im 16 finally :D

yeah sooo facts

Music: i listen to most things and have soooo many favourite bands its hard to pick one so ive narrowed it down to 3, Paramore, Youmeatsix and Alltimelow

Colours: Purple is my all time favourite colour but i also love emerald green

Likes: reading, writing, iceskaing, hanging out with my mates, singing, being abnormaly random, gigs, school (im a geek deal with it, and also my mates are there) and the list goes on

Dislikes: people who are mean to my friends (i dont count as they know i love them really) and when my internet doesnt work, it depressing

Quotes: - because there awesome

"for a smart person, you are really stupid!" - me and btw this is totally true, you can be intellegent smark but when it comes to everything else be really stupid

"why does north change direction?" - lizzie with one of her blonde moments

"Gary" - yeah no one will get this as its this duke of edingburgh award thing but i just had to put it in

"youre not on my list of things to do, cos ive already done you" - youmeatsix

"next time you point a finger i might have to bend it back and break it break it off" - paramore

"if i had a world of my own everything would be nonesense, nothing would be what it is because everything would be what it isnt" - shinedown

"whilst tho leave me so unsatisfied?...what satisfaction canst tho have tonight?" - romeo and juliet

"JABERWOCKY" - alice in wonderland (it is really fun to shout this at random moments - go on you know you want to try it)

"lizzie has a ladder in her tights" - this is something that me and my mate beth decided to tell everyone around school that we walked past whilst pointing at a blushing Lizzie :)

erm yeah i cant think of anything else to say so lets leave it at that :D xx

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