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I'm a genre jumper and a bit of a formalist. Writing the same story or same style all the time would drive me insane. I consider myself a novelist, but I have some hope of getting paid for my novels. So I will probably save this page for shorter or supplemental works.

I have one published Non-Fiction title "Living Single on Minimum Wage" (a budgeting book for low income singles) and write a financial blog for low income singles called The Minimum Wager on livejournal, but my first love is fiction, which I publish under "Iscah" rather than "Kay Iscah" to separate it from my non-fiction.

Between a house fire back in Sept of 2019 and Covid, I've been focuding on family. But hopefully will be making progress on my creative work soon. Feel free to check out my general writing/creative blog on Live Journal (search for kayiscah as my direct link no longer works)

Click to follow me (As Iscah) on Facebook or Twitter: https://twitter.com/Iscahplots

Seventh Night

My fantasy novel Seventh Night is now available to purchase in ebook, Large Type, and hardback editions through most bookstores. Though the hardback will soon be unavailable, replaced by a paperback option.

I'm writing a set of 4 backstories called "Before the Fairytale" that cover the youths of characters who meet as adults in the novel.

Facebook Book/Series Page: www.facebook.com/BeforetheFairytale

Seventh Night: Before the Fairytale serial recommended reading order:

"The Girl With No Name" (preview only, paperback and ebook available through most booksellers.)
"Horse Feathers" (preview only, full version available on Kindle and free with Kindle Unlimited.)
"The Hidden Prince" (Currently down for editing.)
"Seven and 13" (In progress on Fictionpress.)

These stories can be read independently, but they were planned as part of a 4-story set. The first two can be read safely before the novel Seventh Night, but the third contains major spoilers.

Extras: (Search for KayIscah on DeviantArt since FP now blocks the links to artwork. Journey maps and other story relevant art is in the Seventh Night Gallery)

The Girl With No Name Unofficial Soundtrack (YouTube Playlist), Read-along Challenge (YouTube)

Horse feathers Unofficial Soundtrack (YouTube Playlist)

The Hidden Prince, Unofficial Soundtrack (YouTube Playlist)

Seven and 13, Unofficial Soundtrack (YouTube Playlist)

Seventh Night Unofficial Soundtrack (YouTube Playlist) Swag at Cafepress (search for "Seventh Night" or the AmoebaInk shop)

Other Stuff I Do:

Offline, I'm homeschooling my nephew, and technically a C.E.O. (I am the boss of me but no one else). I'm slowly working on my own educational system, and I love psychology. Sort of an all around nerd. I also design T-shirts for print on demand sites like cafepress and zazzle. Two of my best pals are far more talented artists than I, and I host some of their designs on my shops too...as well as some by Nate Connell, who drew the comics for "Living Single on Minimum Wage" (every budgeting book should have comics) and a couple other artists.

Review Swap Notes: I am on hiatus from review swaps. I welcome your feedback and invite you to nitpick to your heart's content, but I can't promise returns until I'm caught up with other things.

Grammar Forum: Please get involved with my grammar Forum For the Love of English. Plots and characters are important, but the basic building blocks of prose and poetry are things like words and punctuation. This is a forum for those who love words or want to learn to make better use of them.

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