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IrishVampire13 PM
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February 9, 2005...

It's official. I'm not going to be posting my fiction any longer. Why should I bother? I prefer not to be flamed by less talented preteen and teenage fools. I refuse to be forced to suffer at the hands of the ignorant.

For those of you who were nice to me and enjoyed my stories, sincerest apologies. You undertand though, I hope. You know how flamers are. Who needs the scum?

To those of you truly talented writers who remain here: By all means, keep up the amazing work. I'll still be here to read your stories. If life hands you flames, use them to broil the hides of the ones who gave them to you. Good luck!

In the meantime...flame my favorites, and you die. Have a nice day.

IV13 ~^-V-^~

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