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Hi, my names Vanessa, if your wondering about my username . . . well Keith Harkin is from the most amazing singing group in the entire world! Their name? CELTIC THUNDER!! They're 80 Irish, and 20 Scottish, I love them! IloveMusic

Okayy, so I am getting sooo annoyed with some of the stories I'm reading! I mean . . . ugh! The girls are all push-overs! I don't care if the guys your best friend, you don't just forgive him every ten seconds, andd give into his stupid puppy dog eyes! You.Just.Don't. I'm talking about two particular stories, they're both on my alert. One I'm almost done with, the other I just started. They're really good stories, I just don't like the girl.

I love reading andd writing. This site has helped me soooooooo much.




Yesterday I went to my second grade teachers wedding, and you could just tell they loved each other. She was so beautiful, she's young, I had her the first year she taught at my elementary school. I know, that I saw true love yesterday. The thing is . . . I saw it everywhere. You see I'm scarred for life from the wedding, haha. All my teachers were there with their husbands/wives. They were dancing . . . slow dancing, but you could tell they had true love, even if it was traumatising. I officially love weddings.

Alrighty, ima be putting up a new story, and in the eye color discription, it just doesn't explain enough, so here's a link. (Sorry, I'm like obsessed with eye color:))


Writing stories is going to be annoying . . . because I just broke my space bar. Half of it is not working . . . but oh well. You know, I hate cochroaches even more now. That's what I was trying to kill when I broke it.

Link to Ella's car.


Link to Alek's car.


Link to Alek and Svy's car.


Link to Svy's bike.


Alrighty, my favorite movie of all time, is Braveheart. Then Moulin Rouge, then What Dreams May Come, then Avatar.

There are to many books to count, but I like love stories:)

SHINee/Vixx/SuJu/Celtic Thunder/Paramore/Panic!At The Disco/Fall Out Boy/Red Jumpsuit Aparatus/Kate Voegele/All American Rejects/Many More, are awesome!

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