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Hello readers and writers of FictionPress! I hope that by clicking on my profile you want to know more about me and my writing! So heres some information below.

I'm a guy. I have orange hair and gray/green eyes. I'm about five foot eight inches tall. I was born on Kodiak Island in the state of Alaska. Since I was born I have lived in a total of six states. Alaska, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Indiana, and now Arkansas. I greatly enjoy the snow and rain and cannot stand the heat. I wanted to be a veterinarian since I was about ten years old, however when I entered high school and did some more research I knew I wouldn't be able to stand the sight of injured animals. So I decided to go into general biology in hopes of becoming a zoologist. That way I could continue my passion for animals and I wouldn't have to worry about seeing them injured or in pain.

My favorite colors are red and silver and I love reading and writing fictional stories, particularly the fantasy and supernatural genres. I am in love with learning new cultures, specifically the eastern Asian cultures. I have many different objects from Japan and China hanging in my room. I get bored very easily so I often have to redecorate my room to keep it spontaneous. I love to run and swim even though I’m not very good at the former because of my asthma. I used to be pretty good at archery but since I moved to Indiana I haven’t had a place to practice and I lost interest. I play paintball but since moving to Arkansas I have not yet found a place to play but intend to do so by the end of the summer season. I play several musical instruments including clarinet, keyboard/piano, harmonica, and a little bit of saxophone, trumpet, and violin.

I love Disney. My favorite movie is either Oliver and Company or The Aristocats. My two favorite songs are 'Colors of the Wind' from Pocahontas and 'Reflection' from Mulan.

I love pop music, its my favorite genre, and I suppose its weird but my next favorite genre is punk rock.

I love anime, yaoi, yuri, but i'm not to much into straight pairings unless they're really cute.

I'm asexual. Lots of people don't understand what this means so I'll tell you for me it means I don't want a sexual relationship, I just can't see myself ever having intercourse. And this may change when I get older, But I'm an adult now so maybe not.

My writings very sporadic. My muses come and go, thats why I'm always hard pressed to finish a story. Sorry. If you want more chapters you need to leave me reviews so I know. I have terrible confidence in my writing abilities. So every review helps!

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