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I am am a girl, obviously, and physically a teenager and a real person.

Just a thought: the Evil Queen should have given Snow White a cupcake instead of an apple. A vanilla one with vanilla icing and chocolate sprinkles.

Some of the stories that I have posted are not really up to my full potential, they were just some ideas that I was trying to form

I would really like a beta reader, so if anyone is interested I have something I would like you to read.

I'm about to write something that i am actually about to finish, so once I find an editor, and get off of my lazy backside, you will see it here.

Stories I am working on-

-A Hall of Mirrors

-Falcon Amorial

- I've never been much of a poet, but a few poems may pop up eventually...

maybe you can know alittle more about me,

favorite movies- Mulan (that girl is beast), Beauty and the Beast (Belle is one smart cookie), The Princess and the Frog, the little mermaid, Pochahontas, Alice in Wonderland, Curious George, The Lord of the rings (all three), and any documentary ( odd yes, but it makes me feel so darn smart)

favorite Books- Les Miserables, King of the wind, The Wild Girls, Chasing Redbird, The thief, the King of Attolia, Sahara Special, the lord of the flies, to kill a mockingbird, anything by Poe, first three Harry Potters(the others are just depressing), and alot more...

Music- anything by Coldplay, U2, and Paramore

Name: It starts with S, unfortunately. And that is all I’ma telling you. Guess; I dare you.

Age: 960 years old this December 31st.

Gender: female.

Species: part eagle, part griffin, part person, and part earth spirit.

Height: 5ft

Build: tiny

Hair: brown, natural highlights, there will be some indigo soon.

Eyes: an intelligent, sad blue

Hobbies: designing, writing (obviously), listening to music, singing (out of tune), and attempting to draw…

- Most people are under the impression that according to who they think you are is really who you are. They are incorrect. There is always alot more in a person then you think, remember that. And no one can ever be fully "evil". I bellieve, where in you have black as bad, and white is good, no one can be fully either color, so most are a shade of gray. Once we decide to accept these facts, we may be able to understand and accept our peers more, and therefore, we could become a better group of people.

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