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Hey, no my name is not Epsn I just love that name, my middle name is Laflamme, and it took me forever to figure out a pen name, yup I am just babbling, so I always forget to update, but I will have a lot of favs on here so if you find a story on here you like, you will most likely like a few more of them. I try to only read long stories, because I like stories that continue for a while and end, some of my earlier favs are shorter stories though.

So I read this awesome story a long time ago on here, its about a guy who lives in an apartment and has an almost crippling case of OCD, who ends up liking another guy, but I can't find it anymore, I wish I could!

My Fav movies are, Alice in wonderland, Harry potter 1-6, Percy Jackson and the Olympians: the lightning thief, Coraline, peter pan, princess of theive's, prince of theifs, Robin Hood. a few more.

My Fav. books would be, harry potter, fallen, the island, the golden compass, eragon, eldest, Immortal Instruments! Ect.

Fav artists/bands are, Adam Lambert, Paramore, Alanis Morsette, All Time Low, Cold Play, The Postal Service, Secondhand Serenade, Counting Crows ect.

I love to be in Play's which most people "wow another weird drama person" Yes we are different, but we are still awesome! I do group meditations, but I am not a hippie, hippies are awesome though!

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