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Hi! I'm a teen from Spain, though English is almost my mother language since I've been studyimg it for 14 years (since I was 3) so I have no problem. My hobbies are:

- MICHAEL JACKSON (my huuuuuge obsession hee-hee)

- Johnny Depp

- Reading (absolutely everythig that falls in my hands, specially in search of good gay-themed literature)

- Writing (I have over 150 notebooks with tales, poems and notes and that sort of things and I never ever leave my house without one at least)

- Watching detective series on TV. My favourites are Law & Order special victims unit, Crossing Jordan, Lie to me and Castle, but I also love The Closer, Chuck, Monk and Cold Case.

Well those are the hugest. I also love to go with my Mp3, sit on a swing set and be there until my battery dies... In music, I love classical, but moderns I like Lady GaGa, Katy Perry, 3Oh!3, Keha, the Greenday, Mika, Britney Spears, Beyoncé, Cascada, Cinema Bizarre, Rihanna... and overall the one and only King of Pop, Michael Joseph Jackson (rest in peace my baby). My fav movies, without counting every piece of work in which Johnny Depp appears, are The birdcage, Brokeback Mountain, Smart people, Mamma Mia!, and any other that makes me laugh.

I hate: homophobic or extremely religious people (I have a problem since you start fighting my opinion, that's why I say "extremely"), racist people, Michael Jackson haters, Conrad Murray (I swear I'll rip his damned throat one day), Joseph (I wanna beat him to DEATH) and LaToya (wanna make her swallow her lying tongue) Jackson (I love Janet btw), Propofol (siiighh), Madonna (not her singing... her personality) Prince (same as for Madonna), the Jonas Brothers, Hannah Montana or Miley Cyrus or however she's called, Jordan and Evan Chandler, Lily Chandler and her second husband, Gavin Arvizo and his family, Tom Sneddon (listen to DS by Michael Jackson... so good), TOMMY MOTTOLA (die die die), Robert Pattinson (turns my stomach), my father, my English teacher, and Twilight and all sequels. I'm not a conventional teen.

My fics can be VERY dark and depressing, and may not be all yaoi BUT most probably will be related to homosexuality in one way or another. Don't like, don't read. But I'm not always that dark.

Enjoy and whenever you share my preferences, just message me!

Now, I guess I should give a little bit of physical information.

I'm 17, a metre 70 cm tall, and I'm quite thin. My hair is black and dark blue and reaches my hips. My eyes are dark and I like to wear color lenses. I wear some fake tattoos and I have 3 pierces in an ear and 2 in other. I almost always wear make up.

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