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Welcome to my page. Either keep reading or leave, or just scroll down until you find all the stories.
Thank you for being here. I don't know how long I'll have access to a computer. Expect me to drop off the face of the earth at some point. And then weep. But I shall be back, have no fear. I don't post too much, I probably sent you here to read my bullshit. Enjoy.

Some Favorite Quotes:

"I didn't do it."

"No one dies a virgin, LIFE SCREWS US ALL!"

"If it can be bought, steal it. If it is WORTH stealing, start saving." - Jessica Lynn Frankus

"Family is much more than blood."

"You laugh at me because I'm different, I laugh at you because you're stupid!"

"A real man is not going to bed with a different woman every night. A real man is going to bed with the same woman every night for the rest of her life."

"There are people I would take a bullet FOR and people I want to put a bullet IN."

"As long as I have no life, I shall live forever." - Me

"The 50/50-90 Rule: even if you have a 50/50 percent chance of getting something right, there's a 90 percent chance of getting it wrong."

"I want to live forever. So far, so good..."

"Silence is golden, duct tape is silver."

"Only two things in this world are infinite: the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not that sure about the universe."

"When there is no more room left in Hell, the dead will walk the Earth."

"Therapy is expensive, popping bubble wrap is cheap!"

"All who wander are not lost."

"Everybody wants to go to Heaven, nobody wants to die."

"If you can't fix it with duct tape YOU'RE NOT USING ENOUGH!!"

"Love shouldn't be said with an exclamation mark. Love should be spoken in a whisper." - Me

"Life is all about goodbyes. It's the happiness between the first hello and the last goodbye that you need to live for." - Me

"Life is like shitting your pants: everyone can smell it but only you can feel its true warmth." - DJ Hydro Chronic (my bro)

"What may be worthless to one may be priceless to another." - Me

"Once something is broken it will always remain cracked no matter how well it is put back together." - Me

"Imperfection is the greatest form of beauty."

"Forgiving is easy; forgetting is not." - Me


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