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Hows it going EH?

Well i submitted chapter 20. WOW chapter freaking 20. When i started that fic almost two years ago (ANNIVERSERY IN APRIL) i never thought i could really write up 20 chapters.

But with so much time passing i forgot what happened in my own damn story, so god know's what its like for you. So i'm gonna read all my 20 chapters, revise some bits. Then write chatper 21 so i don't fray from the pokemon esque feeling of the story. WIth all the charater development lots of things can get forgotten or repeated.

I watched an episode of pokemon yesturday for the first time in about 7 months. It had lugia on it...hmph, strange how my story is SOO much different, mine being better. n_n. Anyway, things are really gonna start moving. New charaters will be introduced, old ones will appear and things will well...happen. BOOYA!

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