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Broken Bird
Joined May '10

Notice: I'm not going to be on for a while. I have some personal things to sort out, and they require most of my time. Sadly. Anyway, I'll still check my e-mail, so you can PM me if you'd like. I'll also return all reviews

twice when I get back. Hope to see y'all soon ;)

I'm Broken Bird.

Please vote on my poll! Last time I checked, I had the same amount of votes for each choice. That's really not too helpful, lol.

"God loved the birds and invented trees. Man loved the birds and invented cages." - Jacques Deval

I now have three stories! They are Shade, the Caged Bird, and Theif! I could really use some reviews for them!! I'm also coming out with a new one soon, once I sort through a few things.

I'm dyslexic. In fact, I was never supposed to read. Obviously I can (since I'm writing this) but it means my spelling may be a bit funky. I don't mind if people point out any errors I make, but if all you have to say is 'you have several spelling mistakes' please keep it to yourself. I know already. I try to reread my work several times to catch any mistakes, but I'm sure some get past. If I do make a mistake, I'd love to know about it, but I also want more than just ''In line four you misspelled 'the word'." I really don't like those sort of reviews. I'd rather you said something about the actual writing before you talk about spelling. Just helps my moral lol.

Well that's me in a spelling-impaired nutshell. Read my work and comment, please!

Here are some great stories I suggest you read

Angel by J.Terry

Villain by weary writer

Rise From the Ashes by B. Cross

Experiment 13 by Equilibrium

Check 'em out! ;)

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