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Ello! You might recognize me from fanfiction.net, where I carry the same username. If so, cool, if not, also cool. All you need to know is that I'm a female, and I want to be an author when I'm big 'n' strong.

I have a blog () where I answer questions from reviews and post bios and such. Check it out whenever I post a new chapter for whatever my current project is - I love answering questions! :)

Current Project

Vulpine - Story about cute lil foxies killing each other, basically. You might describe it as Warriors meets The Hunger Games, I s'pose, but with four rotating POVs (and a lot of fox facts in the AN's, haha). Sprite, Faun, Riven, and Trick must all find their places and what they believe in - even if it is not what they were born into, and even if it costs them their lives. Updates every Sunday, when I can remember!

On Hiatus

Dragon's Bargain - Project I've been working on for years now (the original idea came about in 2009). In short, a princess goes to slay a soul-stealing dragon in order to preserve her kingdom, and ends up getting way more than she bargained for, when the wily beast turns the tables. It's peppered with various stories about their gods and such, too. I'll get back to this one eventually, probably take it down and then repost it chapter by chapter as I make corrections/revisions.

Abrazamé - This one's on indefinite hiatus. I won't say I'll never finish it, because I hate declaring things like that, but in the meantime it is currently at the very bottom on my list of priorities. Blame poor planning! If you're curious, it's about a house-dog who gets lost in the city after trying to stop his Girl from growing up. He quickly finds out that the city is a much bloodier place than he had originally thought - but more meaningful, too. It's likely that if I ever go back to this one, it'll be taken down except for the prologue, and then put back up as I make corrections/revisions (which will probably be extensive, ha).


NORTH - Can't say much about this, since it'll probably never be posted here unless I finish it (which I will, but of course even then it will require a lot of editing). It was my 2013 Nano novel, and my largest yet - 117k by the end of November, and the story's only half over. To put it as simply as possible, a military Captain seeks to bring peace between two lands (referred to only as the North and the South) by using the North's king as a bargaining chip. The king has been in hiding for a decade after losing a war fifty years in the making, and is by all accounts, a truly awful dude. The Captain and her men have to contend with him and an unfamiliar land, as they meet with Northern tribes and Southern villages (Southern only in name and occupancy, as they are firmly in Northern territory) to hash out some sort of lasting peace. (On a side note, the Captain might be one of my favorite female characters I've ever written, as flawed as she is.)

NORTH was originally an acronym - Nails Only Respect The Hammer, a common Southern military saying - but it's kinda moved away from that, so it really shouldn't be capitalized. Ah well.

That's all, I suppose, since there's not really anything to say about me. If you have any questions about any of my projects, please drop me a review or a PM! I love replying to both.

Have a fantastic day.

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