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I'm a lover of all things written. Probaly why my choice of career is English Teacher. My dream is to own a house with a custom built library. To have all my books in front of me, oak shelves gleaming, the fireplace crackling as i curl up and read a book, the pages almost crumbling from the usage. That's why they call it a dream. All my review's contain the word awseome. It is a sad day for you if the review doesnt. Means i didnt like your story.

Struggling for inspiration?? Check out Benita Winkler. Her works have inspired many a story or at least got the ball rolling. The avatar is one of hers.

I'll read your story and review if you do mine. Scratch my back i'll scratch yours.

Ive lost sleep over planning stories in my head. Characters seems to form easier when I'm trying to get a good nights rest.

I have a obsession with angels. All my stories contain angels in one or another. I hope one day i shall get my wings. On my back, in ink form. Another dream. sigh

I have a minor obsession with sappy old romance. boy meets girl, they fall for each other so hard it leaves a crater in the earth. It's a curse in a way because i despise most work like that. Oh, the irony. Its cliche i know but ever so cute to write no?

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