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Hello...I love reading. It's an escape from the humdrum of the daily round of work and doing things that have to be done. I love original works and I love fan fiction as well. I like romance best, it's a good place to dream and imagine, a place where anything is possible in the way of delight.

I have written some fanfiction, if you like that sort of thing. I do, very much. I write for the Vampire Knight universe and I have some stories posted over on FanFiction.net if you want to have a look. I would be grateful for anyone interested, to read and review. Need some constructive criticism to help me grow as a writer. You don't need to know much about Vampire Knight to enjoy my fiction, lol, I most write about emotions and most of my stuff is centred around sweet and fluffy lemons.

I make it a point to always leave a review when I read something. It mightn't be more than a line or two but I feel if you've taken the time and trouble to put something out there for me to read, then I can and should repay by leaving my thoughts and encouragement for you.

I love all things pink, long Sunday afternoon naps, roses, prawns, reading, crafts like beading and embroidery, custard and meeting new potential friends. I look forward to many happy hours here.

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