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Hi ClaryLovesYouXD, umm thanks for reading my profile thingy...though i must tell you I am not very interesting so I suggest you stop reading now! ... ... still waiting ...no? Okay! :D Um...you are probably here because of the story me and Kaori Murusaki are writing. It's called The Tale of Two Mafias. Summary: Ellie and Lina were best friends until Lina one day moved back to Tokyo...10 years later Ellie and Lina's mafia's are going against each other in war without either girls knowing...When they find out who the other is the war immediately stops...yet...Now they have to team up to defeat the French Mob and their irritating, sexist, egotistical leaders...So All's fair in love and war? We'll see...:) I am also writing one called I'd Rather Dance...so keep a look out for the PROLOGUE :D My website for Character Pictures: http:///apps/photos/ Well...Bye :D See...I told you i wasn't interesting...
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