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Hey, I'm CainReborn.

...that's about it. oh wait!! ok, i really want to be an author eventually but I know that my writing skills aren't very mature. Sooo...I would greatly appreciate it if y'all could give me feed back about what i'm doing wrong!! :)

PS. I'm from Texas so if y'all read a bunch of "y'all"'s, "goin to"s, "thinkin"s, or any other abreviated things like that i'm sorry.

I'm now writing a story with help from my 8 year old brother(well sort of, he just gets my brain goin so I can get ideas) called Blue fire. It's about this guy whose traveling companion is a dragon and he ends up getting new traveling buddies, like Lionel who selfproclaimed himself this guy's "BestFriend" and so now Lionel wont leave him alone.

anyway please read and review it. I have this rule were I wont have more chapters than reviews so if I don't at least get two reviews for the first chapter than I can't write the next one.

"English- The language that sidles up to other languages in dark alleys, mugs them, then rifles through their pockets for spare vocabulary. It's the bitch-whore language and it owns the world"- Real Vampires Don't Sparkle by DeliriousEphemera

HEY! Check out MHS LIPDUB Fireworks by katy perry!! my highschool did this, it's on katy perry's website!!

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