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working on several stories. maybe i'll finally finish one to post on here. *sigh*


for your reading pleasure

oh, good books to read? let's go by genre of what i've been reading lately:
-SciFi- Frank Herbert- The Dune Saga: I read one dune book each spring/summer. This year, I'm on Children of Dune. As someone holding a political science degree, I love his intellectual political commentary and musings exploring the relationship of church and state. There's also plenty of action and drama, as politically fueled stories are often riddled with intrigues, and mechanized plans of betrayal.
- Non-fiction:
1) Reality is Broken- Jane McGonigal- Dr. McGonigal's expose on video games as a positive influence in our world. She analyses their role on personal, communal, and international levels, showing how the right games applied to the right problems can be immensely beneficial. This book was compulsory reading for all of Upenn's freshmen last year.
2) Extra Lives: Tim Bissel's personal account of videogaming in his life is an informative delight and much quicker and possibly more enjoyable (definitely less formal) than McGonigal.

I've also been on a DreamSpinner Press kick. I get their (multi-formatted) ebooks for $3-5 dollars, often on sale. Favorites include:
-Truth in the Dark by Amy Lane (fantasy) I devoured this book. It's a definite page turner, but also handles intensely personal material with gentle care. I loved it so much, i tracked down the author and wrote her a Thank You email. She very graciously replied and expressed appreciation for such sentiments. :-)
-The Only Gold- Tamara Allen- I read this a while ago. I remember struggling with the protagonist- he got on my nerves the first 1/2 of the book. Most of all, I remember the vocabulary being particularly ?effusive?, succinct anyway. Great read for vocab trolling.
-I'm currently working my way through "The Inventor's Companion," which is steam-punky romance filled with intrigue around a caste system. One protagonist is a merchant, and the other is a sex slave. 'Nough said.

Other reads:
-A wrinkle in Time by L'engle, Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones, anything by Jane Austen, All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque, and The Vampire Armand by Anne Rice (it's in the vampire chronicles, but you can read it on it's own, no problem)

oh yeah, and then there's recommendations for these sites:
Iron Butterfly- Mousegirl5 *have re-read about 6 times*
Art Criticism by BlueGhostGhost
Captain Skyler by Qui
Esperanza by Octillo
Space Gremlins by Tygati (it's just really fun)

you could also just check my fave stories/authors on my page.

I read a lot of fanfic. Best A.U ones you don't need to know the background story on:
Very depressing but very good (no death, just intense drama) "A lesser Beauty" by Versace Frolic
"anxiety" and "chalk and circumstance" by kareen2006 (kareen and I talk every now and then. She's an author i admire and in a similar spot in life as I am.)
"The Unfamiliar" by the israel project (i liked this one so much I started to adapt it into a videogame script)
"Cult" by a pin drop. it's an honorable mention for the different angle it takes with the topic.


yeah, maybe soon i'll get some stuff up on here. in the meanwhile, for your viewing pleasure (i thought this was hilarious) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6Hndsyfn6M


oh, an apple for eve will be updated soon. i'm actually having a social life, don't die of shock. also, i've been distracted with trying to finish my 1st fanfiction "high school tutor" on fanfiction.net. anyway, one day soon i'll update an apple4eve, i have most of the second chapter written out longhand, i just need to type it up.


Hi! I'm NormaJean Beausoleil, and why yes, that is a penname.

Not much to put here. I have several long stories I'm working on. But the beginnings are boring to write and will probably be boring to read :-/ .

I also am working on some fanfiction, check out fanfiction dot net for that stuff. Same penname.

Thanks everyone!

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