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Quirni - It's Another World

By L. D. Edwards

Visit my blog and learn more about the characters and places of Quirni at http://

The blog has gotten a makeover, so if you're interested in what's going on in the world of Quirni, check it out. I would love to hear from you through the blog or on here as my daughter and I talk about how Quirni came to be, and some details that have never been shared before. Also, you can get updates by following the blog or searching for the Quirni tag on Word Press.

Quirni is on Kindle!

Book One has undergone major edits and can be found under the title Quirni: The Marrilian on Kindle. Help support this editing adventure and enjoy a fresh read with familiar characters. Some of the face lifts taking place are better flow, content additions, and getting into Erica's head in a deeper way. Thank you for reading and sharing this story.

For now, the books will remain up on Fiction Press in their unedited versions aside from occasional chapters that changed so much we felt an update was necessary.

Books two and three are now out on Kindle.

Please note, I own the copy right on all of my stories. They may not be reproduced complete or in part anywhere without my permission including characters, places, or the story itself.

If you like my work, please let me know. Reviews make me happy and a happy writer is a writing author.

Quirni is a love story. It is political intrigue between the three planets of Ipet and then the Empire. It is military action when the Solar Defense Delegate schemes. It is almost a western because one of the planets has no metal and lives in horse and buggy age. Mostly, it is sci-fi. It is a space opera about friendship, trust, hate, and the resolve to live well even on the most evil of days.

The Marrilian: Book One - Out on Kindle
In The Marrilian, Erica Kinsley becomes the newest Kinsley on Quirni. Erica is smart, gifted, but with an unusual past so she is not hampered by social mores, including those that forbid stealing but how will her Quirni family and new Quirni friends feel about her if she steals, scams, and misbehaves? Her Quirni uncle and cousin are rich and powerful but they also work with the SDD, a military group Erica avoids. How does she avoid becoming their pawn? How can she keep her freedom and still gain a family and the love she longs to have?

Enzus: Book Two - Out on Kindle but the NAME HAS CHANGED. Look for Nigh on Amazon as an e-book.
Enzus is the second book. It begins where 'The Marrilian' ends. As Erica recovers from her wounds she has way too much time to think and realizes Matilda must be proven innocent of the deaths on Cobal Claim if either of them is ever to be free. Erica doesn't understand the consequences of helping Matilda. Her freedom to live her life as she chooses becomes more difficult to achieve but now James is with her. Will he be enough to help her overcome her mental oddity and the attacks?

Kinsley Claim: Book Three. Out on Kindle. NAME CHANGED. Look for Claimant Kinsley on Amanzon as an e-book.
The third book of the Quirni series is Kinsley Claim. In it the QSDD finally learns who Erica was on Marril, her entire past. They realize how foolish they were to risk her for Erica is, in fact, more important to the development of Quirni than Matilda but Erica doesn't want anything to do with developing anything. She wants a quiet life with James.

The BMC: Book Four
The forth book is The BMC. Erica's old club turns on her. She needs to stop them to save herself, her family, and her friends but she can't do anything without help. Jesse offers that help but Jesse and her commanding officer, General Pearl, begin typical SDD scheming and soon bury Erica in plans to change Quirni leadership. It is either that or be sent back to Marril for prosecution where she would suffocate from thayanite poisoning.

Bliss: Book Five
The fifth book is Bliss. Erica might not want to be a High claimant but the job is hers. As Uncle Cyril guides her and Pearl watches her, she develops initiatives and negotiates with Marril and Sirrus to rise Quirni to the power it ought to be. The BMC isn't happy about that and they are far more capable than Pearl assumes. Before Erica can get home to her claim she falls to her old club but it isn't blackmail that they use again her. It is 'Bliss'.

Abervan: Book Six
In Abervan Matilda presses Erica to help them defeat a military tyrant. Erica feels confident she can undermine his plans. Her friends and family know she would not try if she learns what victory means for her. "Remember Topaz" becomes the warning and prayer that Matilda spreads as Quirni watches Erica struggle to stop the madman. Erica has no idea what 'Remember Topas' means and doesn't realize her friends and family use her past and her wealth for their gain.

Ribbon: Book Seven
Ipet isn't secure despite being joined. The more Eljay learns about the system the more she fears for its survival. Thayanite is rare and Ipet boasts one of the largest deposits in several regions. She seeks to protect Marril and Ipet from war but when her enemies arrive they bring the final secret from her past, a past that drives most survivors insane.

X81: Book Eight
Eljay attempts to form a protectorate in X81 but she can't lead it. She is a ribbon and a she is lawless. That doesn't bother her in the least. She will form the protectorate and find others to lead it. With that done she expects to relax but instead learns a protectorate becomes an Empire and that attracts a lot of attention from people who don't like convicts and scam artists in charge of the law.

Ipet: Book Nine
Erica Kinsley has become Eljay Ipet, the Primary Ruler of Ipet. She was raised as a ribbon. Because of that she lacks typical social values. She doesn't see the world the same, or is it because she is also a Blessed One? Since James has returned with Otho and Tacit, a Blessed One and his keeper from Aulus, Eljay's family begins to understand her nature. It might explain why she acts so erratic. It might explain why the Empress and Emperor shun her. Vincent Allison, now a one star general in the YDD, is given the task of overseeing her and teaching her about laws and rules. He is her keeper. To his dismay, she will drag him into her world of curses, suspicion, and untold powers before he manages to teach her much of anything.

Moonwitch: Book Ten
Eljay must go to Marril with Cyril. The greed and corruption are out of control. Tenpole is in another strike. She knows how to fix the problems and guides Cyril but she has to do something for Matilda and Roger too and that while fighting to breathe. The thayanite nearly killed her when she lived on Marril. She can't go outside without a filter. She can't talk in the open air and Manassas is loose on the planet. He would take her as his Blessed one. Vincent is her best defense, her liason to Tenpole, her voice there and a means to keep her safe at home but his past in Chaucer haunts him. He questions his abilities. Guarding against bad choices may be what stops him from helping Eljay enough to win the war with Burnat.

The Keeper: Book Eleven
The Divine Lady attacks. Ships disappear. Darcy searches for the woman. Eljay fights to help Tenpole while struggling to avoid Matilda and Roger and their painful presence. Cyril and Ward help Eljay but the Divine Lady closes in for a confrontation. What weapons will Darcy have against her when they can't see her ships, when she can hide her spies in plain sight, and Eljay isn't just sick but beginning to question her decisions?

The series is complete but the story can continue. I intend to write short stories that relate some of the events I left out of the books, such as what Eljay showed Marcus and Ella to convince them not to harm Jack and Kel. If you have anything you want to know, any part of the story you think I should have included, let me know. If the side story is a good one, I'll find the notes and write it.

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