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I claim ownership to all the stories and poems under, "My stories," and the ones under my story ideas. I did get some ideas from other stories or people, but if so, I have stated it in the story itself.

Name-Shady Shinigami, though if you've payed attention in some of my stories, you've figured out my real name.

Age- In my twenties. I'd give the exact age, but it keeps changing.

Sexuality- I love you for your soul. Girl, boy, or somewhere in between. It doesn't matter.

Hair- I've been dying it black for like, a year now.

Eyes- Blue/Gray

Religion- I am currently religionless. I do believe in higher powers, and spirits, demons, things of the like. But I haven't found a religion that fits with me, so I'm mostly just...believing in what I believe.

I am not racist, to any single race. Who were are is not based on our skin color, and those that think other wise are assholes. I am not homophobic, which you've learned from reading my stories. Love is love, and gender doesn't matter. I don't believe in animal experimenting, and hate any form of animal abuse. I hate child abuse, or sexual abuse, or whatever, though I tend to write about sexual abuse in a few of my stories. I tend to get swept up in the next big thing, but instead of growing bored of it, I just stay a fan of it until I'm dead. I'm not very popular, and I do dislike mean popular people, but not the nice ones. What use do I have in hating them? I don't believe I have to be popular to be happy, and I do dress however the fuck I want to, and I do get bullied, but don't bully myself.

So there you go.

Oh, and my sister has a profile that you should visit: Alatum Cloud.

Stories I'm working on

I'll be free from you- His whole life Matt had done nothing but suffer the life of a slave at the hands of his evil master. And then one day, his whole life is changed by one beautiful girl. But it's not so easy. His master isn't ready to give up, and Matt will have to go through hell to get to the happy ending he so desperately wants.

I hadn't planned on updating this, but my sister started to read it, and wants to see what happens. And since I don't want her reading the first, unedited copy that I wrote at age thirteen, I've started updating again. It was the first story I wrote that wasn't about dogs or wolves, and I wrote it when I was thirteen. I love it very much, and all the characters in it hold a special spot in my heart.

The strangest kinds of friendships- An anti-social girl and a hyper outgoing gay guy. Warning MxM. A murderer and a boy forced to sell drugs on the streets Ect... Friendship comes in all kinds of forms.

What this story was supposed to be was a bunch of stories off odd friendships one after another. But I haven't updated in such a long time that you may as well just forget about this one.

When the World Ends- When zombies begin to take over life as we know, five teens, Brenda, Jason, Ron, Heather, and Todd, have to band together to survive and keep each other alive. But how easy can that be when you're caring for a six year old, your best friend has been bit, and one member of your group is suicidal, but can't tell you why, not haven spoken in years?

This story, in my opinion, is actually pretty good, and my favorite character is Todd, the boy who's trying to kill himself without actually killing himself. This is also not a MxM, because my family doesn't like it when I put yaoi in every little thing. They think its "unhealthy." But hey, I'll just see what the reviewers think when I accidentally on purpose but little yaoi moments in there. Hee hee.

The G Word-Jonathan Bell, a gay student at Toby's school, was murdered a week ago. Toby didn't know him. He just was there when the body was discovered. So why is he the only one who can see Jonathan's ghost? How did he get sucked into finding a murderer, and helping this lost soul say goodbye? And during it all, can he save his broken family, and get the girl he likes?

Getting sick of all the yaoi yet? Not I. No? Good. Because I shall have my fill of BL! Anyway, this story has been sitting in my brain for a few weeks now, and even though I promised myself I wouldn't start any new stories till I finished some old ones, I just went ahead and did it anyway.

Hopeless- Lezlie was a perfect girl. No smoking, drugs, drink, or sex. But then there is a rape. Not her's, a friends, but she should have been there to help him. Her actions cause her whole life spirals down into sex, drugs, and drinking. And no one, not even her own twin sister, or the boy she likes, can save her from the guilt, and make everything okay. Mentions of MxM rape.

This is one of my only stories from a girl's POV. It is really hard for me to write from girl POV. I'm not sure why. I can't remember where I got the idea for this one. But I do like it. I guess it's because she's suffering, and since I'm a freaking sadist, I enjoy it when characters crack, and crumble, and break! ... Yeah, move along people.

The Road Ahead- Even though Dominic's in jail, Ryan still has a long way to go before everything is normal again. He now has to face questions about his sexuality, appearances of family members he thought long gone, and unfading memories of the man who kidnapped him. MxM. Sequel to Still Suffering.

I loved Ryan, and all the other characters of Still Suffering too much to not write a sequel. I really want to do a story from Sam's POV, during his kidnapping, and maybe even a short story from Joey's POV, and maybe even Thomson! And Baby Ryan! This is getting out of control, clearly.

Tommy in Yaoiland- Tommy's living in an orphanage after his parent's death, when he his life is turned upside down by a sexy boy with rabbit ears, who kidnaps him and forces him to go with him to WonderLand. What will Tommy find in this strange place? A place to belong? Somebody to love? MxM.

This is an alternate universe to my Tommy and Jason oneshots. I got it from all the AIW stuff I keep seeing around. You don't really have to read a single one of the J/T stories to get what's going on here. It's basically nonsense, as is the rule in Wonderland. This one I'm mostly writing just for fun, so it'll be updated at random.

Love and War- MxM Slash The Snow Clan and the Lunar Clan are about to go to war, when Michael, the prince of the Snow Clan, meets Leo, a member of the Lunar Clan. Their meeting, and the love that follows, will change everything between the white tigers and the wolves.

This was a request from my BFF, who actually is the one who created the characters. It was previously titled Moment of Change, so don't be confused by this.

Failing at Life- MxM Aiden's poor, gay, and getting bullied. Life couldn't get much worse, especially when his father loses his job. But there is somebody who makes everything seem kind of worth while. Too bad that somebody is a teacher.

This one I got the idea for around the same time I got the idea for Dandelion. Which is not up here. But, it's been some time, I guess. But I'm slow and lazy, and just got around to it. But I've always wanted to do a teacher/student story, because I'm into illegal stuff. Kidding. But also kind of not kidding. I'm not kidding. Anyway, this story is way more popular then I thought it would be, so I guess I'm not the only one who's into illegal stuff.

How I Became A Teenage Prostitute- MxM This is the story of how I became a teenage prostitute. It's not a pretty story. It's not a very funny story either. You don't even know if it has a happy ending. Maybe I'm relaying all this to you from a puddle of my own blood. Or maybe I'm sitting in a mansion, sipping whisky by the pool, getting my feet massaged. Maybe I'm somewhere in the middle.

I don't remember where I got this story idea. But that's fine, because I don't remember where I get a lot of ideas. Let me think about it...nope, still don't remember. I like it though. It might be kind of slow on the updating, since I'm swamped with other stories, but I'll try my best.

Stories I'm writing but unsure if I will post them

Power Reborn- Two brothers who were once princes are reborn into modern society. Life is good and both brothers are happy. But that may change when a two hundred year old curse comes back to haunt them.

This is not a MxM, though I believe that would be sexy. Mmm, incest.

Story Ideas that I may write, but may not, depending on how lazy I'm feeling on certain days

I Want To Be A Maid- For as long as she can remember, Chloe has wanted to be maid in a rich house. But when she actually gets the job, the reality quickly falls short of her dreams. The young butler is constantly trying to seduce her, the mistress is a bitch, and her son is a moody, depressive, pain. Why won't the world just let her enjoy her dream job?

I got this idea, believe or not from watching a yaoi. I was watching episode 3 of the second season of Junjou Romantica, and there was this maid running around. And I was all, "I wonder what its like to be a maid." So, this idea was born. How odd that I was paying attention to her, yes?

Gotta Feeling- MxM In this world, you know you've found your soulmate when you get an undescribable feeling that those who haven't had, can't explain. Isaac has been waiting, and waiting, and his turn has finally come. But the one he's feeling it towards...is another guy!?

I got this idea from watching too much Clamp stuff. They're always going on about soulmates, and precious someone's, and destiny and stuff, so I thought I'd give it a shot.

Random Stuff

For some of my stories, the last names of characters are never revealed. And even though I know them in my head, I realize I never actually told you guys some of the characters last names. Such as Ryan, from Still Suffering. Or Abel, from Sing. Or pretty much any of the boys in the Freedom Trilogy.

So, for your pleasure, here are the full names of many of my characters here on this site.

Matthew Brandi Halls

Micheal Drew Hawking

Dylan Perry Holt

Drew Washington Martin

Steven Hope Haze

Chase Redford Wild

Shane Lucas Royal

Ryan Harlen Haze

Abel Martin Moon

Cain Harlan Hart

Tommy Colten Choice

Jason Andy Fever

There you go. There are even little back stories for some of the middle names. Chase's middle name, Redford, is a family hand me down from his father's side. Micheal's middle name is Drew because...well...nobody reads that series, so I guess I won't tell. But let's say it's for a reason. Steven's middle name is Hope because he almost didn't survive childbirth. And you may have noticed that Ryan and Cain have very similar middle names. That's because I thought it sounded good with both of them, and I couldn't decide which to go with. So I changed one letter, and gave it to both.

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

Top 15 Favorite Anime Movies (may not have 15 at the time you read this)

In no particular order-

Wolf Children (Who didn't watch Wolf Children and leave with a crush on Ame? Which is totally creepy, because I'm ten years older than him. But whatever. )

Princess Mononoke (I like wolves. Plus, who didn't love Ashitaka?)

Patema Inverted (This movie is beautiful, and deserves to be seen by all. Seriously. Go see it.)

From Up On Poppy Hill (This was my favorite Studio Ghibli film until I saw Princess Mononoke)

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (By the same guy who did Wolf Children and Summer Wars. A good movie, indeed. But is ''leapt" even a word?)

The Garden Of Words (Short, but sweet. Or bittersweet)

Hotarubi no Mori e- (Another short, but (bitter) sweet one. If you're in the mood to cry, this is the movie for you)

Summer Wars (By the same guy who did Wolf Children and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. It's very cool.)

Children Who Chase Lost Voices (A cute/sad one that you'll like. It's worth seeing)

Brave Story- (I liked this one cause it was kind of yaoish. And because it was a good movie)

Princess and the Pilot (Everyone seriously needs to check this one out. It's amazing. I'm crushing hard on the main character)

Shout out to my work, for having some decent anime movies available to rent. And yes, before you ask, people still rent movies. About two hundred people rent movies a day where I'm at. It's actually exhausting.

Probably My Top 10 Favorite Manga

(I say probably because this is just what I came up with thinking about it vaguely. If I give it deep thought it could be different. May not be at 10 when you read this.)

In No Particular Order As Always

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle- I say these are in no particular order, but Tsubasa is definitely number 1. It changed my life. KuroFai is my eternal OTP, by the way. I loved all the characters. Yes, even CSyaoran. Actually, he and Fai flip flop for the position of my favorite character.

Pandora Hearts- I'm going out to by the final volume tomorrow, and already my life feels empty. It's a great story. My favorite character is Gilbert.

Magi- Don't ask me who my favorite character is, cause I don't know. Sometimes I think Alibaba, sometimes I think Sinbad, sometimes Jafar. I hope it doesn't end too sadly. Though I don't have much hope. PS: If anyway can clear it up for me on how Magi is pronounced, that'd be amazing. I hear it all kinds of ways.

Godchild- Oh my God, if you're a yaoi fangirl who wants to read something emotionally devastating, this is the story for you. It's not actually a yaoi, it's just easy to see. If you're not huge on yaoi, give it a look anyway.

Gimmick- I'm so depressed about how underground this manga is. There's no scanlations online, and it won't be found in any bookstores. I just happened to find it in a library, then read it online. To give a brief summary, it's about a makeup artist with amazing skill who's life is constantly in danger.

Natsume Yuujinchou- I had to make this a top 6 list just so I could include Natsume. The anime is amazing too, it's one of the most faithful anime adaptions I've ever seen. It's a tearjerker about a boy who can see yokai.

Black Bard- Like Godchild and Gimmick I just picked this up at a library, not expecting much. Instead I was blown away. This series is amazing. It's pretty short, but the mangaka does a wonderful job of making you care for the characters nonetheless.

Baby and Me- It's pretty long, but really good. Worth the read. About a fifth grade boy who has to basically raise his two year old brother after his mother dies. It's very cute, and you'll love the main character. Everyone does.

All these manga are beyond worth looking into.

Top 10 favorite books (including series because it's my page and I can)

In no particular order.

Unwind series- Bascially, in the future, children between the ages of 13 and 18 can be "unwound" which is a kind way of saying killed, but they make the parents feel better by saying that since all their body parts are being donated and used, the child is technically still alive. The main character is of course, trying his hardest to avoid being unwound once his parents sign the unwind order. It's amazing. Neal Shusterman makes me want to slit my throat because I'll never be as good as him. Hayden is my favorite character.

Chaos Walking trilogy- In a world where men can hear each other's thoughts, and animals can talk, (and you can also hear their thoughts and they can also hear yours) a young boy finds out that everything he knows is a lie. All the women of the world aren't dead, but the ones that did die...well...It's a tearjerking story. All my favorite characters kept dying. Todd is my favorite character.

Gone series- A giant dome goes up around a small town in California, and everyone over the age of fourteen is gone. As you can imagine, shit happens. This was the one time in my life I was upset at figuring out a character was gay, because I was so sure if I was in that world, we'd fall in love. *sigh* Oh well. As you may have guessed, (based on that I was just speaking about him) Edilio is my favorite character.

Hero- In a world where superheroes exist, (like the Incredibles) a young boy has to deal with hiding his powers from his father and his sexuality. (Also from his father) This book is surprisingly deep and moving, so don't judge it on my shitty description. Thom, of course, is my favorite character.

You don't know me- The only non end of the world/supernaturalish book on this list. It's about a boy who is being beat by his mother's boyfriend, and whose life just sucks in general. (Girl he loves turns out to be a bitch, best friend kind of ditches him) It's really upsetting, and sad, but also really good. I bought it randomly, but I'll never regret it. John is my favorite character.

The Sight- This book was everything to me when I was younger. It's basically Watership Down with wolves, but I am in no way saying the author ripped it off, or that The Sight shouldn't be read just because you've read Watership Down. Basically, a wolf pack is fleeing from a curse, and slowly die one by one. It's really dark, but very good. Fell is my favorite character. Sometime's it's Kar.

Lockdown Series- This series is almost everything I want in a story. Drama, action, characters you love, and minimal girls. I'm not sexist, I just like books about boys better. It's about a boy who gets sent to a maximum security prison after being framed for murder. The prison holds boys between 13 and 18, and is filled with terrible creatures and experiments. The main characters, of course, try to devise a plan to escape. It's a great horror series.

Trouble- It's a one book series, and probably super unknown. I'm most likely alone in this fandom. But I read this series and my life was altered slightly. It's one of those books you didn't expect much from, and instead you come out feeling different. It's about a boy whose older brother is killed by a driver who falls asleep behind the wheel of a car. He decides to climb the mountain his brother used to climb with a black dog he finds, and his best friend, and the boy who says he hit the brother come along. It's very good. Everything's a lie. It's also slightly, just slightly, gay.

The Rest of Us Just Live Here- This one is by the same guy who wrote the Chaos Walking Trilogy mentioned above. It's basically about a boy whose life is changing, (i.e highschool ending, in love with a childhood friend, best friend problems) while all the while magical superhero stuff that isn't important to the story happens around him. The main character is great, because he's straightish. And those are my favorite kind of characters man.

Treasure Island- I don't need to tell you what this one is about, do I? Good. Anyway, give it a read sometime. You'll like it.

Favorite Authors

Hmm, I guess this one's easier, somehow.

Patrick Ness- Really original and cool story ideas, I've loved every one of his books. (That I've read. I haven't read them all yet) Chaos Walking trilogy is in my favorite book list, so if you want to know about it, just read above. Very good.

Neal Shusterman- Another author who had really original ideas. Unwind, as you may have read above, is in my favorite book list. The Skinjacker trilogy is really good too. I've read other oneshot books, like Full Tilt, and The Eyes of Kid Midas, and...well I can't remember it's name at the moment, but it's the one with the aliens.

Michael Grant- I've only read the Gone series, but it was really great, so I always count him among my favorites.

I copied some stuff from my Fanfic account Faceless Charmer. Check me out there if you want.

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