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Spazzy Silver
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Well hello there fellow writer, I'm glad you dropped by!

I guess I'll begin by introducing myself. My name is Spazzy Silver, although you can just call me Spaz, it's shorter that way. So, I'm sixteen years of age and a proud citizen of Canada, born and raised in the same, boring small town my entire life. As far as writing is concerned, I've been doing it as a hobby for seven years now, give or take a few months. Once I graduate High School two years from now, I plan on going into either journalism or law, but I will definitely write a few novels on the side, perhaps publish a few pieces if I'm lucky. Mostly I focus on science-fiction as well as the supernatural, although I'm really not into the whole Vampire/Werewolf thing. Twilight really rubbed that out of me. Anyway, most often than not I'll be mixing the two together. Lately I've been working on a pretty interesting piece, which I will possibly be expanding into series, depending on how you guys take to it. It's called Hell's Portal, check it out if you have the chance!

So, more about me, how does that sound? Well, aside from writing, I've been into acting for about two years now. I've been into a few school productions in the past and I really like it, the whole buzz you get when you're on stage is great and I got the chance to make friends I would have never bothered to get to know if it hadn't been for us working close together for months on end three to four days every week. I don't plan to have a career out of it, I'm definitely not that great at it and definitely not the crazy Hollywood-life type, but in Ottawa, the city I plan on moving to in the future, there definitely is a lot of opportunities when it comes to the art department. I've done a bit of horseback riding a few years back, but have stopped pretty much completely now since my teacher stopped giving lessons. Other than that, I'm definitely not an athlete. Sure, I can shoot a basket and I play some soccer with my friends for fun, but I really suck. I love reading, it was really what first got me into writing. The first actual novel I've read was Harry Potter. I was seven at the time, so eight-nine years ago. Since then I've read the Harry Potter series (The entire seven books) over eighteen times. I've lost count a year ago. I can read a decent, 500-1000 pages book in two days. I actually read the first Twilight book in a day, but the other books disappointed me greatly and I was a bit more sluggish when it came to them.

What else now? Well, I'm a huge chatterbox. To be honest, I love to talk and have fun, I'm a huge dork, really. When you get me started on a topic that interests me, you better not expect a short conversation. Usually I'm completely random, but I do have some times where people are like, "Wow, this Spazzy is like, wisdom in a bottle!". Okay, so they don't say that, and they use my actual name, but close enough, right? Well, I'm definitely a friendly person. I want to talk to you if you're nice and all amazing, which I'm sure you are since you've read this far in my blurb already. I've actually always loved getting to know fellow writers on sites such as this, and lately I've had a lot of trouble finding somewhere to post my writing and just have fun. I used to be a member on Quizilla, but dropped it a little over a year ago when things really started to be all about Twilight and Emo-like stuff. Don't get me wrong, good stories with such topics aren't bad, but apparently there wasn't much good stuff on there that really got to me.

Um, the community is always something I look forward to when joining sites such as this. I like to get involved. Reviewing, chatting with people, giving them tips and commenting on how great they are, that's just some of the things I do around here. Oh, and I hope you don't mind, my reviews can get pretty long... Usually without anything too bad in them though. I'm honest too, I won't go all like "This is shit, take it off it burns my eyes!" if it really isn't the best piece of work, but I won't tell you it's good either. I'll give you ways to improve and probably keep a closer eye on your stories in the future, to see how you've been taking my advice and how you've been improving. Anyway, if ever you're bored and in need of something to do, just message me! I don't bite, unless you catch me before I had time to feed... Yes, I'm totally a vampire, okay? I rock like that. Right now, I'm in my coffin as I write this, a bottle of your blood -- Oh yeah, I steal blood at night from you... You may want to know that.

I'm random and a big goof, but you've already guessed that by now... And I did mention my randomness earlier, didn't I? Eh, this is getting massive and I forget what I write and what I've left out. Um. I'm afraid I can't really say the same about my stories though. The whole goofy, random part of me I mean. I'm usually pretty serious when it comes to them; although most often than not I have one character that is the comic relief, yet still offers a lot to the table. I don't know, it's like I go in a writing-persona and am all like, "Don't talk to me, I'm writing." for a few hours as I work. Yes, I know I'm writing right now, but I'm writing about me. I'm not exactly writing a best-seller right now, am I? Besides, writing about me usually has me fooling around and just being myself, since, well, that's what I'm trying to tell you about: Myself. So, moving on to music now! I'm a country lover through and through, and right now, my top artists are Paul Brant, Emerson Drive (They're both Canadians, woot!) as well as Brad Paisley, Joe Nichols and Luke Bryan. I mean seriously, aren't they all gorgeous men?

Well, I'm probably going to be editing this once in a while, so keep checking. I mentioned "Hell's Portal" earlier, and I'll get to that right now before leaving you guys. My plan is to get a chapter out at least once a week, but if I'm good enough and have muse, which does happen surprisingly, I can get two chapters out in the same day. Don't expect it all the time though. I'll just set it at a weekly thing, but it isn't for sure. So, Hell's Portal is basically the adventures of three teenagers, Brianna, Nicholas and Dylan as they fight supernatural beings that have been coming from the supernatural realm and are about to invade our own realm. Oh, did I mention the portal that opened up to let the creatures into our world also gave these three teens some super powers? Awesome, huh? Anyway, this is Spazzy Silver for you!

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