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in the deep grey, a light appeared. no, it was a song, a sound which has never been heard for a long time. a song that brought with it new beginnings.

CURRENT STATUS: ah shitzles. i am still trying to get the hang of and understand how ficpress works. eh, haven't published, but will!...eventually. i hope. (24/10/2012)

Ah, hi! (blatantly ignores awkward atmosphere) So, I will set off to attempt writing something about myself without really telling anything about myself. (in this sentence, anybody with two braincells can already deduce quite a bit about me. already. )

I made this account longs longs agos, (yes, that was deliberate. no, i do not hath a lithp. -no offense! )

So anyways, i put up my story on http:///user/Kaeyan , but decided, why the hellion not? and added here. :)

so please! help review, and comment, and give plenty of criticism! GIVE ME ALL YOU'VE GOT 8D (ahh!justkidding! -dodges flying flameballs-)

but no really, I am in that group of suckers (no offense to ppl. this group only contains me and my shadow) who want to become a writer who gets to one day publish their own book, and get to touch it real, in paper, in solid book form. (dreamy eyes...) So, i hope to learn and grow, and improve, so one day, people may enjoy a good story i helped to create.

INFO: I am: not a werewarf, not a mystical bean, not a ranger, nor an angler, nor a fish, not a vamplier, nor an ampere, not a hiiman, nor a Sidhe (though i am a she)

(yes, even i myself want to shrivel up and die when i even try to be funny. )

I apparently once typed this: "I do have a story. but you will have to wait a thousand years before you can get me to let others read it. let alone publish on the world wide web :)" Now, i take back my words, and say:


nah just kidding. but please, hey, if you read this far, give yourself a cookie. the chocolate chip kind, fresh out of the oven. i love those. and milk.



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