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Sooooo it has been a lot of time since I have been here... I am now reading in AO3 but this was one of my favorite places to read along with fanfiction. Actually I love fictionpress because it let the author create and explore its own characters and plot and not subject to to other storylines. I havent been long in here because my favorite stories to read have been taken down by its authors, I guess because they might have want to sell them or because of plagiarism that sometimes happen with the best stories. I am not sure how many times I might come visit but I will never forget this site as it brought me smiles, tears and wonderful stories to read. I hope to read one shots like Calloused or stories like Maybe someday. Both were pretty good, sadly they have been taken down. I remember that when I came here for the first time I read a story that was my favorite of all time but the next day or the next week it was took down. I took 3 years looking for it until I found it was down. Thankfully that let me read a lot of amazing stories and learn about authors.

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