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Hey readers, reviewers, and aspiring authors. I'm Silver Shadowbreeze, but you can call me Shadow. I write when I can think of anything, update when I can, and edit for free if you ask, though in the future I might demand payment. Yahahahahahahaaaa! Sorry, I just had to do that.

OK, here's all you need and don't really need to know about me.

Name: Shadow

Deviantart: Haiku-san at http:///

Favorite Manga: Magic Kaito/Rurouni Kenshin

Favorite Movies: Pirates of the Caribbean

Favorite Subject: English

Favorite Books: Most Redwall books, the first arc of Warriors, and about any other good book I can find.

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Number: 24

Things I Like: Everything mentioned previously.

Things I Hate: Poorly written or discontinued stories, as well as those that are underrated or overrated (e/g: a K+ story that should've been a T or M, or vice versa.

Anyone who ends up on my author favorites is really great. I only pick the best, you know.

Okay, let me make one thing clear. I'm a Christian, which means that Jesus is my personal Savior. Because of this, I will never write slash (yaoi, yuri, or the like), suicide, lemons/limes or anything rated M, and I don't encourage it either. Slash is totally gross and contaminates your thoughts, or at least gives you bad (disturbing, traumatizing) dreams. None of my fics have or will ever have any bad language. They're all rated because of the fight scenes and other stuff.

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