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About Me: Female. INFJ. Pisces. Book dragon. Mountain fanatic. Ocean soul. 93% stardust. Recovering perfectionist & aspiring "good-enoughist" that runs on masala chai, daydreams, and to-do lists. Earned a degree studying literature many moons ago, but have since become another cog in the corporate machine. Stories in all their forms are my preferred method of detoxification (writing & reading primarily, with the occasional TV/film binge). Sucker for a good slow-burn or dark / Gothic romance (mostly I just love copious amounts of sexual tension), but am also a massive fantasy junkie (magic, myths, monsters, curses, prophecies, kick-ass women, brooding warrior men, etc.). Has a very eclectic taste in music (I will listen to just about anything). Swoons easily in the presence of attractive, witty, morally-ambiguous villains / anti-heroes with secret cinnamon roll centers.

Unapologetically Team Dracula.

You can also find me here:

Fanfiction.net: Remember
AO3 & Wattpad: MadameRemember

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