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Watch out We are the dual personalities freaks one of us likes anime and is obbsesed with sailor moon Ahh! and another writes stupid short stories and poems. you never know who your going to get!...

Alright on a more serious note we share a same name for we are friends you might think us the same person one of a same mind. EXEPT when it comes to fanfics.

I am deleting all my bad stories and putting them up under ihatemywritings. Ok? Not today. Tomarrow. Sugar 2 is lita and she is doing the same. I am also going to post my better ones and ones that aren't up yet that both of us wrote. But they wont nessily be sailor moon. Also so you wont get confused i'm doing this all at one point. So is lita If you would like to find the stories that we wrote that isn't very good just check out ihatemywritings. ok? All right that is all as of right now.

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