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Thanks for visiting my profile and - I'm assuming, since you're reading my profile - my story, too. I am a 21 year old university student living in Wales with an irresistible need to write. The product of restlessness can be found below. I love getting comments, so feel free to message me at any time.

Faustus' Daughter (working title) belongs to a world that is very similar to ours, yet different in many ways. Supernatural beings, known as otherkin, exist peacefully amongst humans and are accepted as the norm. The protagonist, Rachel Clary, is a witch and university student whose quiet life is about to be disrupted by an ancient evil.

Whenever I read a novel I always like to put a face to the character, and when I write I'm exactly the same. So, if you want to see who I imagine when writing just Google the names below.

Julian - Ben Barnes

Rachel - Felicity Jones

The Hunger Moon exists in the same universe as Faustus' Daughter, but contains a whole new set of characters. Human heroine, Anna Lawrence, lives a safe, boring life with one only goal: to help people. Her biggest challenge arrives in the form of werewolf and fugitive, Lucas Duvall, an irresistible playboy who needs her help in reaching his only ally.

As with Faustus' Daughter, I have images of the characters in my head. Just Google the names below if you want to see who I picture.

Lucas - Chris Hemsworth

Anna - Carey Mulligan

Cassie - Megan Fox

Elliott - Douglas Booth

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