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I was going through my folders on disk and came across a couple of stories that I would like to post online. I wrote them a while ago and they would be considered originals. I think they fall under the topic of essay, but I cannot be sure.
The stories will have summaries, but I will write longer ones here:

Kindness: Tells the tale of a young girl whose mother dies and she has only her father left. Due to his extreme love for his daughter and the fact that he always wants to see her smile, he starts doing kind things for the village. But kindness has another side affect that he can't help but fear.

Wisdom: Tells of an English or History class as they receive a new teacher for the day. The teacher turns out to be Buddha and the homework they are assigned that night is unlike anything they ever had to do before. But what is the lesson behind the assignment?

The stories were done while we were studding China and the Confucius beliefs in twelfth grade. They're actually quite interesting. *smiles*
9:10am 2, December 2003
Have received suggestions that I should write another story, but really don't have an idea what to write so will wait on that. In the meantime, if there is something someone wants written, like an idea, you can send me a note telling me what it is and I will see what I can do. *smiles*

I have submitted a new story about a young girl that leaves her towel on the beach right before a hurricane comes and she has to go and get it back before her grandpa comes back and punishes her. Based on actual events and was written for my English class.

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