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I live in Ontario, Canada since 2005.

I enjoy reading books ever sine I was a child. I probably read all the mystery, romance, historical novels and action books in my school's library.

But work and business and family became my concerns so I forgot about this love of stories for many years.

When I discovered Fanfiction, Fictionpress and LJ, I became an avid reader all over again.

I wish I can write stories but I can only write poems or short phrases.

My interests in books and genre are wide - from romance to the supernatural, from humor to action genre. As long as its a well written story, I appreciate the hard work of the author, and give my reviews as often as I can.

My goals :

1. Continue to study and take continuing adult courses

2. Travel as much as I can

3. Keep myself healthy and my interests open to new things

My main blog: http:///

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