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"I'm going." MY favorite Quote from the most horrible woman ever; my Stepmom.

Hello! Somehow you must of stumbled on to my page. I've never done this before so I'll wing it!

Hey, what's up? Please call me TMi., ( SEPTEMBER BABY!!!) graduated high school six years ago, go Class of 2011!!! (God I feel old...)



I wasn't popular in any way during high school. I've always been sort of a loner. Not that I want to be either, I like people. I am just very awkward around them. I love writing and reading and I read most of the time. Its one of my favorite things to do. I didn't always like reading. It wasn't till my parents remarried both to people I can't stand. ( I assure you my stepparents are crazy, just ask my family and you'll know) That's when I started reading, to hide my pain of my parents separating and the dramas of my stepmom both pushed me to read. I like reading about other peoples problems they help me cope with mine. Things are getting better as far as my family goes the older I get mostly because now I don't have to deal with certain family members on a daily basis but there is the everyday drama sometimes. I may share more as time goes on. but right now. I don't feel the need to say more on the subject.

I love dancing around listening to my music, its my favorite past time. I love listening to my music amped up in my car, it's quite epic if I say so myself. I'm a huge fan of nickelback, I also listen to Britney Spears, Rihanna (not so much anymore) Ariana Grande is my new favorite (listen to her daily practically), Celine Dion (Goddess), the Late Whitney Houston (Queen), Kylie Minogue, Demi Lovato and Kelly Clarkson! Her song Piece by Piece, gives me the feels. and I love Japanese and Korean music. I've even made some of my stories to go with the songs (Not just the korean and japanese songs but english songs too just incase you didn't understand lol). My favorite Japanese band or group is On/off they sing songs for vampire knight my favorite manga ever. My favorite artist is Kanon Wakeshima... I hope I spelled that right anyway shes my fav japanese singer.

I have two sisters, 4 stepsiblings and a step-nephew now who is the most adorable thing ever! 3 stepsiblings and my step-nephew from my stepmom and my one stepsister from my stepdad. I try to be the most responsible, which is usually a joke because I'm very childish, immature and I get myself into trouble arguing like a little kid all the time... I've had a lot of interests and phases in my life, my first love was probably dinosaurs and I was devastated when I found out that they had all been gone for millions of years. Broke my little heart, I even wrote them a song... So I love all the Jurassic Park movies, the new one is freakn' amazing! Poke'mon and Digimon are my second phase in life, then anime and kingdom hearts. So yeah, books came afterwards and then writing though the writing and books have always been there somewhat. I've wrote a lot of stories but I'm not sure If I'm willing to post them. I may post my short stories one shots. but I don't got very many stories. I usually write when I feel a good story coming on or you know when it just hits me but most of the time I have to be inspired by something. Sometimes its an event in my life or sometimes it because something I've seen, but that usually gets me writing.

So enough about me lets talk about my stories...

My Stories:

The Dork's Darkest Secret: Avery life is fine until his parents decide that the want a divorce, leading Avery and his sisters to learn things they didn't even know about especially when Avery meets his soon-to-be step brother. This story would be the first time that I'd have to update. So that'd be something new for me. We'll see how that works out for me.4/1/2015- I honestly don't know if I will ever get back into this story. I just can't relate to it anymore, so much has changed since I started writing this and it would be hard to go back into it. I might revise it or just take it down period. We will see once I finish my current story..

The Twisted Life: Tristan's life has just gone down the tubes when he finds out his dad's brother is really his father. Being rejected by most of his family, he moves in with his dad, tempers flair while awkward Tristan tries to keep his sanity, developing a crush on his half brother wasn't the best way to do that though. Good thing he has his friend Jason around or things would probably get more twisted. /4-4-2018: Chapter 38 is in the works, but don't forget I will not be posting it until I have finished chapter 39. You guys will thank me later, it seems brutal but I'm doing it for your benefit. Don't kill me yet...

The Making of Twisted: This is basically one-shots of different characters from the Twisted Life world, some of it is fluff. Some of it is going to be raunchier. Some of it goes to the story, let me know what you think! Vote for future chapters on the poll! / 8-3-2016: Chapter 5 is up! Short story on Brenda Wellings! Happy Reading!

He's No Good For Me: "I don't know why I started this, but now I can't stop. Even if he really doesn't love me." Raleigh is in a repetitive lifestyle that he just doesn't want to shake. That is until he meets Him; the sex on legs, he could be a model. It sucked that he was straight, but he offers Raleigh something he doesn't want to refuse. For money, he'll be his boyfriend. / 4-23-2016: Not dropping this story but haven't been able to continue it for a while, so I'm waiting on it. Sorry :

Tails of a Catfish: I think the title is great myself lol. Summary-"The tale of a Catfisher isn't a good one, and Cassius Vaughn's story is no exception. Follow Cassius as he decides to Catfish his crush and the school's poster boy, Jack Dietrich. Will Cassius get caught in his game? And if he does will it work out for him and his 'victim?' What's the worst that can happen?" M/m Came up with this story for all the catfishing victims along with the catfishers themselves. It's a story that needs to be told, and told right.-- 6-8-2017 : Chapter 3 is up, happy reading!

Up Coming Stories (possibly?)

Alexis and the Infects: The title is kind of cheesy right now but that's the best I've come up with at the moment. It's about a girl named Alexis who is in a post-apocalyptic world with Infects also know to us as zombies. After living seven years peacefully in her community, Alexis is kidnapped by a group of hunters who want nothing more from her than to use her as bait against her community who are the rivals against these Hunters. How will she survive in a world she's never been allowed to venture off in because of her strict older brother?

TMi Dorkdom's News:

(4-4-2018) - Working on chapter 4 of Catfish still. stay strong my dorks! This will be updated, please stay with me!

(4-4-2018) - Also, I'am working on chapter 38 of Twisted and already have the majority of it written, but like I said in my authors note on the last chapter; I will not be posting this chapter until I finish the following chapter. This might make it take a little longer than necessary but you guys will appreciate it once I have actually posted the chapter. It's almost time guys, hang in there.

Oh don't forget to like my facebook page! I'll be posting on there now! :D


FYI: Though I don't have much posted on there I do post a preview to every single chapter on here. If any decide to make me fanart also I'd love to share them on there as well.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I know it takes a lot out of you lol. Well I guess I'll close here.

"As soon as anyone starts telling you to be "realistic," cross that person off of your invitation list."

Thanks for viewing and remember to keep livin' the dream!


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