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It's been almost ten years since I walked the FictionPress halls religiously.

I left many treasures for myself to find: Embarrassing stories, quirky anecdotes and very sassy review to authors who hadn't updated in a timely fashion.

I fondly consider this space an archive of my teenage years.

For whatever reason you've made it to my profile, enjoy.

Here is a list I left myself when I last used this site at 15yo. If they still exist, maybe you'll appreciate them too.

-Better Than Burroughs by Stillill
-The series by ImaginaryxWords, the first ones called "Say you dont love me" then "Where I belong" (which, I just found out, have been deleted, and now I am sad.)
-Rocked like me by Enigmatic Night, it's a bit different, but I love it!
-Hiring a Hooligan by Deena
-The Materson series by All Over You
-Oh bugger, I may as well say all of them.

"A professional writer is an amateur who didn't quit."

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