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spacedoutghost PM
Joined Sep '10

I joined this site on 07-14-06.

One of my old accounts is Ebonina.

I was much less mature then...not that I'm particularly mature now.

I'm from the UK and like any country we have our different terms and phrases. If there's anything you don't understand just ask :)

Pictures of You was my Nanowrimo '10 story. I have a good half of it completed, just need to get round to the editing...

My only goal in writing is to have fun and free the ideas from my head, I don't think of it as something serious, but if you've any tips on improvement I wouldn't mind hearing them :)

I'm a lazy person so it takes me ages to update & as Uni student I sometimes get busy wasting time on Tumblr.

How I have been described:

-Constantly ridiculous

-Not woman


-Mentally Impulsive

Poke me...

I dare you.

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