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I'm an average guy from a small town, I'm not average else where but I'm average here. I ask you this, when you read my stories, forget reviewing and just enjoy the words. oh and another thing, the name O'Neil will persist through my stories. I mostly do sci-fi type stuff but sometimes i might cross over and try fantasy/fable/horror, maybe mix them into some kind of weird world of something. if you read my stories than prepare for a lot of violence and lots of science: fermions, bosons, hig's fields, singularities, up, down, top, bottom, strange, charmed, i knew you were confused. (the last six are are flavors of quarks)

My age: estimate, it helps the imagination

My appearance: i'm Asian, pure Asian, i have black irises which gives me a weird sort of look to my eyes because you cant see my pupils. my basic build is a bit wiry and my friends actually agree that i look attractive to an extent.

My personality: read my stories, you can tell

My location: hint for ya, nuclear bomb

My hobbies: airsoft, story writing, Roleplaying on forummotion, not much else

My rank: (i have an airsoft team with me and my friends) Corporal, support gunner, tactician

What else?: not much now scroll down and read something.

this is my favorite poem:

Said England unto Pharaoh, "I must make a man of you,
That will stand upon his feet and play the game;
That will Maxim his oppressor as a Christian ought to do,"
And she sent old Pharaoh Sergeant Whatisname.
It was not a Duke nor Earl, nor yet a Viscount—
It was not a big brass General that came;
But a man in khaki kit who could handle men a bit,
With his bedding labeled Sergeant Whatisname.

—"Pharaoh and the Sergeant"
Rudyard Kipling, 1897

"if we don't fight for something than we die for nothing,
let us fight for our causes and live to see it flourish,
fight with all your strength in the name of what we believe,
if the body bags come home than remember their efforts and their cause,
and somberly rejoice" ~rambo'neil

yes that other one was from me

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