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My name, Johnny!

I do some writing--I have spent over 12 years my life working on my current master piece--but I also enjoy reading! I have some time on my hands because my bastard work place has not give me my promotion. They steal my brilliant ideas. They trick me. They betray me. AND I DON'T CARE ANYMORE.

My likes:

My best friend Mark! We go for runs in the park and throw football back and forth. Mark is expert on women.

My beautiful Princess Leehsa! She is my future wife. I do anything for her. She never betray me like those bastards at work.

Denny, my surrogate son. He also love my Leehsa. But I trust him and Leehsa, so it is okay. Remember: if everybody love everybody, the world be a better place!

Tommy Wiseau, the greatest actor, producer, writer, and director of all time.

My dislikes:

People that betray me.


Women who say I hit them when I DID NOOOOOOOTTT!

I like to review stories. But I don't like to plan too much-because it might not turn out right!

Oh bye.

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