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My muse is my iPod and food. Try to tell me otherwise and I will whoop your ass. My language is impeccable, of course. I lie, of course.

Some of my earliest stories are either short stories, or the beginnings of a story that I probably dropped years before. One example would be Timeless. I wrote the first two/three chapters when I was in...year 6? I know, people must be absolute crazy birds to be friends with me if I've been like that for so long. But, all's fair in love and war and story-telling. d-b

I'm hungry.

I'm currently 17. I know, I know.

I'm hungry.

Or actually 22. I don't remember, of course.

I'm hungry.


Busy with assignments. Gosh school is a nightmare.

I'm posting up some stories that I've written for school, although none were written in the past year.

I'm not afraid of plagiarism(I don't even think that's the correct spelling), because I feel that if you feel that you yourself as a writer or creative muser is not sufficient enough to compose and publish/share your own work (and stand the critics), then go ahead and know that someone will catch you out.

Afterall, it really isn't your work.

You poor thing.


Unfortunately, I have been blocked from uploading, or even updating. Yes, I blame my parents. What are they thinking, blocking their fifty year old daughter from fictionpress?? What indeed has the world come to )

Fortunately, I am in possession of a contraband phone, HEHEHEHEHE. The mobile version doesn't let me post, and of course, I can't upload the stories that i've finished. Sigh. So, indefinately, I will be unable to upload or update. I am still reviewing and PMing, but yeah, can't post nothing. BRAHH



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