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I'm StoryMonster, and I love to write. Obviously. I also like reading, cooking (and eating), and drawing.

I like stories. :) But I'll also read the occasional poem and review. I'm writing Yours Truly, an Indian Pessimist, which was most surprisingly nominated for a SKoW award, under the 'Hook, Line and Sinker' Category. It was cool, though I didn't win. But to all those who voted for me - you're awesome! I'm trying to continue to my story, but I need inspiration - I hate Writer's Blocks. So I might not update for a while. If any of you have any cool ideas - just PM me!

A bit about me? I'm a Sophomore, and I hate it - a whole crapload of work and it sucks, really. I've got this awesome sister on Fictionpress, mandysoccer. She's got a huge fan-base of her own for her story The Mathew's Scenario, and she's great. So go read her's, okay? :) I'm also helping my best friend . , though I'm not that great at it. Okay, I'm horrible. But people do get awards for trying, right?


On the Review Game! It's cool.

Well, if you've managed to plow through this, a couple of extra minutes to read through my story wouldn't hurt. And maybe drop off a review. So how about it?

8th May 2011

Hi guys. Sorry for the late update - my laptop may be eternally dead and I have noi other source of internet access.

Anyway, YTIP won't be updated. Ever. TO all those who were actually following it (which amounted to two, I think - xD) sorry. It's just that it went completely haywire - the plot and the characters were incomplete and not going where I wanted them to go.

Yep. Maybe I'll write one-shots. I dunno - I'm expecting a reallyyyyy busy school year, so...

That's all. G'bye!

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