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Name: Kallie

Age: I'm not going to give you my exact age. What if I tell you a number, and then don't update this page for two years? Well, that number would no longer be accurate, right? So I will simply tell you that I am in my mid-20s, and that will have to suffice.

I'm here to become a better writer and connect with other writers. I'll gladly review anything you'd like, and all I ask in return is that you review something of mine. That's not so hard, is it? You don't have to write me a speech, just a sentence or two that tells me what you liked or disliked about my work.

Here's some of the other places I like to hang out:

My Fanfiction Account

My Figment Account

My Deviant Art Account

"Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the light glinting on broken glass." -Anton Chekhov

Aside from just being a beautiful quote in itself, this is also a perfect example of "show, not tell" which admittedly, I sometimes have trouble with.

My New Stories:

"Between Shadow and Deception"
Book One in the "Survivor" Trilogy

Raine is alone among strangers. Everyone captured like her. Everyone a potential enemy or ally. The choices she makes will decide her fate. When she was captured, she was told one thing:

"Make friends, make enemies. But get comfortable - you won't be leaving anytime soon. Welcome to the Valley."

"Darker Days"
Book Two in the "Survivor" Trilogy

When the news reports can't even agree on what's going on in the strange city called Dedric Hollows, Cassie knows she doesn't want to get involved.

But somehow she ends up in the city anyway. And then she meets Frank. And somehow, she knows nothing will be the same.

"Eyes Open"
Book Three in the "Survivor" Trilogy
(Spoilers for book two)

After the events of Dedric Hollows, Cassie and Frank search for a safe haven together. Each is running from their own inner demons, but find solace in each other.

All they want is a place to be together, to recover from their ordeal and make a life for themselves. But the band is just warming up, and this dance is far from over...

My Old Stories:

Having your world turned upside down can shake you up. Having it destroyed is a whole other story.…

When Jake Sinclair's town is destroyed around him, he finds escape with two people who seem to know him, even though they've never met. Then they give him startling news about his family and his past, a past he thought was buried forever.

"Shadow the Sun(StS)":
“Today is the day I die, and I am not afraid.”

Melodi always knew she was different. As a Ra'shen, a descendant of the angels, she had traits non-Ra'shen lacked, like dreams of the future. When those dreams start interfering with her real life, will she be able to separate reality from illusion?

There was a time when everything seemed so simple. That time is over.

Arissa knew she should have been happy. Her life had finally settled after the tumultuous events of the past year and a half. So why did she feel so lonely? And why were her friends so blind to the truth?

Months in StS (In order, from January to December):
Jarier, Feshier, Maich, Avili, Mez, Juin, Jylas, Aumragan, Sevaten, Ocarten, Novraten, Dezraten.
Seasons (Spring to Winter):
Vara, Etes, Caden, Hiverna.
Days in a month in StS (In order, from Sunday to Saturday):
Sorban, Korban, Domraban, Maoraban, Jeoban, Drenoban, Ameoban.

My Opinions, Disclaimers, etc:

First of all, yes, there will be swearing in my books. I don't overuse it, but I won't shy away from it either. Sometimes you need something stronger than darn or drat, after all.

Secondly, there may be sex in my books. I may gloss over the more sensitive, detailed parts, but it will most certainly be mentioned. I'm not writing these books for twelve year olds, after all. If you have a problem with that, maybe my books aren't for you. I'm fully aware that I won't please everyone.

Well, I guess that's enough from me for now. I'll probably add more at some point. Ciao for now!


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