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I am Phoenix. I'm currently 19 years old and have just finished sixth form (thank goodness), meaning I have time to write and read. As an art student I have a tendency to make things dramatic and rather loud, insane and random.

I'm not someone who has a set style, it's always changing, Goth, Emo, Girly (but rarely) and plenty of other styles. But my music is also something that is always changing. I listen to a lot of alternative music but I love a but of pop and R&B sometimes (not so rare). However when it comes to creating a piece of art it would have to be classical. Don't ask me why but it just helps me to relax and to think up new ideas. Jazz is also rather calming to me.

Reading is something that I really love to do. I will always be reading something, whether it's a new book or a classic I will still give it ago. I love my dark fantasies and have recently found a love for science fiction. I will read lots of stuff making this one of the best places for me.

As well as having reading normal books I will read lots of mangas. Meaning that I also watch a lot of anime. To be honest I don't watch much T.V, I have replaced it with anime.

Well I have just realized that I am rambling on way to much. So I am going to get on with reading, commenting and creating.

I will hopefully have a story posted soon but it is currently in the making and I am really worried to get it down on the site. It is also my first try at writing so please be kind to me, although creative criticism is loved. I currently have two stories in the creating but only one I actually like Memoirs of a Gay Jock, and Photographics and Stalkers. Not sure on the names but if you can help me with them then you would be greatly appreciated.

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