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I am something silver, something precious. I am something secret.

Hey, guys, it's me, the the silver snowdrop! Well... for now. I might change my penname three or four times a month, just for fun, and I can't keep the same one for too long. Im one of those people who NEEDS change, so don't be surprised if my name isnt the same as the last time you looked at it. :) (But it'll always be silver something)

My Website: http:///index.htm

Hair color: Greenish blue with a little bit of purple...ok so maybe its brown.

Eye color: brownish green with a little hazel.

Height: un-short

Age: 2x7+2-2x3+20-3-13 years old.

Dream Job:hmm...thats a toughy... Id have to say supreme overlord, or international superspy...thats not weird is it?

Best friend EVAR: Renayda/ Babaganoosh XD

Hobbies: Reading, Writing(no duh), drawing, listnin to music, the usual.

Favorite song(s): umm... that one with the music. and the words. By that band. Know which one Im talking about? (savin me)

Favorite band(s): Nickelback/ Three Days Grace/Daughtry

Favorite books/series: Maximum Ride, Gallagher Girls, Pendragon, Once Upon a Marigold, Witch and Wizard...and like a gazillion others i just cant think if right now.

Favorite sports: Basketball, archery(does that count?), volleyball.

Favorite subjects: art, english, lunch, gymish.

Favorite movies: Transformers (rObOtS iN dIsGuIsE), i Robot, Eagle Eye, Anastasia

Theme song: How To Save a Life by Daughtry.

Pet Peeves: Sexist people, Rasicm, People who boss you around like they own you, People who act like they know all about you and try and tell you that your lifes not so hard when they dont even know what your going through, and ALOT more.

And by the way, I really am the kind of person that can think up stories faster than i can write them...so be patient.

Ok thats all for now... I'll try and think up more to tell you guys. Later.

Please R&R!

Oh and let me just explain my writing style:

I will have several stories up, and the ones that I get bored with or stuck on will get taken down, while there will always be some that I keep up and continue, and usually, they're my best stories. So if you like a story, please let me know, because that will probably give me incentive to finish if I know someone is watching. If i discontinue a story it'll look like this: XStory NameX

Thanks for understanding!

Oct 18, 2010

Hey guys I just wanted to say a few things. Mainly that I don't know what's wrong with me right now, I guess it's just a phase, but im doing alot of writing about dead people or ghosts...i just thought up another one this morning. So hopefully it'll blow over. I just want to make sure you know that I write about other things than just that.

ALSO I wanted to send a shout out to Alice-of-the-forgottens. Just wanted to say thanks for all the R&R and that's whats keeping me writing about Shane...so thanks! :) Its a big help when I know someones watching.

And lastly, I was totally serious earlier when I said that I think up stories faster than i can write them...so just bear(bare?) with me.



OH and one more thing. For those of you reading Keeping Lacia Safe, it's pronounced Lay-sha, not lay-cia or something else, its Lay- sha. Please remember that. Thanks :)

January 9, 2011

For: BirthMarked

Character names and meanings and discriptions

Braeden- from the dark valley (Cas.)

Dark skinned, tall, muscular, turquoise eyes

Amaris- child of the moon (Cas.)

Dark skinned, slim, purple eyes

Razi- secret (this is like, my favorite one) (Cas.)

dark skinned, slim and slightly muscular, gray eyes

Ratri- night (Des.)

dark skinned, tall, slightly muscular, dark brown eyes

Ryu- Void; Dragon

Dark skinned (like everyone else), tall, lean-muscled, ash-colored eyes

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