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Hey, I’m HK Shmetty. I love writing, even though I don't have too much time because I'm a freshman in college and free time is pretty rare, but writing is how I express my feelings. I always liked writing, but after my life started to change a lot, pretty much for the worse, I found writing and reading to be good escapes and ways to really show how I feel. Please read and review my poems and stories! Reviews make my day and I will do my best to return the favor! Bye for now!!

Possible Actors for “A Twisted Heart”:

Blaine Christopher - Darren Criss

Andrew Hardy - Josh Hutcherson

Matty Summers - Davis Cleveland

Eli Summers - Logan Lerman (when he was younger and had longer hair)

Mr. Tate - Johnny Depp

Mick Hardy - Ian Somerhalder

Stan Heartless - Hunter Parrish

That's pretty close to how I see the characters of my story. The others don't really fit to particular actors. If you absolutely have to know who I see as someone who isn't on here, feel free to PM me and ask. Enjoy “A Twisted Heart” :)

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