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Lord Revan
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Just an ordinary guy with some extraordinary ideas. I'm not that big on sports, but I'm totally into anime. My favorites are Bleach, D. Gray Man, Yugioh (lol), K-On!!, and Hetalia.

I'm into fantasy and the such. I find it a good place to vent out the stress of real life. Also comedy, as a good laugh is always good to have.

A list of the planned novels I have in mind of writing within the near future.

TNC: Ultimate Research Children, follows a psychotic killer that was the base of all Living warriors that fight against the Ill Omens. Taking place 15 years before TSB, the main character, First, tries to find his spot in a world he decides to change. Along the way, he battles Second and befriends Third.

TNC: The Scythe Bearers, follows a Living teenager named Daiv. In it, he must battle the darkness that resides in the Netherworld, the Awakened Souls, and stop it from consuming the Living world.

TNC: ?? Follows Daiv's continuing battle against the dark forces that amass in the Netherworld. The Awakened Souls were not the true problem, only a symptom of it. Certain characters come back and a new cast is brought out, bringing an even more dangerous game of life in the Netherworld.

TNC: ?? Follows the son of Daiv. Previous entities have not been defeated. One by one, a new force brings back their lingering spirits and feelings. Daiv's son must re-battle and finish off his father's enemies for good, or the Living world will fall back into darkness.

TNC: Phantoms. It takes place from the viewpoint of the Phantoms. It's really touch and go at this point, but follows a Phantom named Rai. He finds that Souls from the Netherworld are being mutated by darkness into fighting machines that the Living cannot stop. Keeping neutrality between the two races, but ensuring their own safety, Rai and his friends must fight the new threat.

TNC: ?? Not even sure about this one, but if it does come along, it will follow Daiv's Granddaughter, and her encounter with the Phantoms.

I used to write a series called The Bloodline, but I utterly gave up on it. I thought it was a real fail when I hit the tenth chapter, since I couldn't really think of any plot after that point. It did have quite a few fans though, which kept me going when I changed series, although I think quite a few people are disappointed I quit it. I think that it was a good start to a writing hobby though.

Everything on FP is currently on Hiatus, may or may not resume.
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