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My name is Mei.

I love the color green. I love soccer, but suck at it.

I'm in high school and currently should be doing my homework instead of reading stories. Seriously.

I love to read these romance stories. I'm a true romantic, yet quite cynical and pessimistic. I need some personal space.

I have decided to finally join this community to get alerts from my favorite stories. There are some pretty spiffy, cool writers here.

I hate people that have plagiarized. FictionPress has lost many great authors because of this. :(

I really suck at writing and have horrible, horrible grammar issues.

Veronica Mars is the best show ever. I'm so sad that they never got its own fair ending like other shows did.

When I wrote this, I was listening to "I Don't Want to Wait" by Paula Cole. (Yes, it is Dawson's Creek's theme song and I never really watched the show.)

I love to sleep, since I spend too much time here procrastinating on my homework.

People should really care about the environment, since we only have one. Simple steps, such as recycling, really add up.

Women are awesome, I am so glad we can vote. Yet, there is still sex trafficking (that part and women demeaning themselves is what sucks!!)

How I Met Your Mother is super funny.

Oh yes, I love it when authors actually write back to the comments I have made to them. I really appreciate them taking the time and effort to write. They are super super awesome. I guess that makes me realize how much reviewers matter to authors.

Boys are awesome, but I can't talk to cute ones. Ashton Kutcher is super funny and awesome. Girls are awesome, too. But, I don't like them that way. But, we are going to rule the world equally with men. :)

I am definitely awkward and weird, but in better words, I am quirky. Sarcasm is a gift that I wish I had, since I can't really read it sometimes. I can't even really do it right sometimes.

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