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Hello all who are interested. I am Melissa from a small town in California, three hours away from LA. I live in the countryside, so I am kind of country, but the impression I have on people, they would NEVER guess it and often are surprised when I tell them I'm into the country (and agriculture, proud FFA member). I lead a pretty much boring life. I spend most of my time holed up in my room reading books or writing stories. I stocked up on books, and I grew tired, and I finally asked for a Kindle. They are amazing, the Kindle is amazing, by the way. I love country music and love how each song tells its own story. Until recently, I thought country music could only do that, but then I discovered the coolest band in the world, Avenged Sevenfold. That band. . .their songs really make you think about what you are doing in life. I am not very well experienced on that band (or don’t really know any of their band members, but if you would please explain that would SO HELPFUL!), so if you have any song recommendations by them, please tell me.

In January of this year (2011), I summoned up my courage and wrote my first actual story. (I have written stories before but for Fanfiction. . .If you’re an Adrian/Rose fan—Vampire Academy—I have plenty of those;). It took me eight months, writing scenes in between class and staying up later than usual just so I could write. And I finished it! Anyway, I have this weird fantasy of becoming of an author, so I thought if I posted up my original story up on this site, I could be aided by you into making the decision of: 1) keep on writing; 2) practice writing; 3) stop writing all together your fantasy will never come true!; 4) Continue on with your life, writing can wait.

In a few days, or a week or so, I will post my story and I would love to hear you honest opinion! I welcome constructive criticism, but don’t go off insulting me either. Don’t go looking for my mouth because you will find it!

Well, that is basically me, if you have any questions email me, PM me, whatever better suits you.


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