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Amethyst G. here :)

I HAVE A FANFICTION ACCOUNT WITH 2 NOTABLE SONNY WITH A CHANCE STORIES. I used to have Max Ride stories up but I deleted them even though people liked them cuz I never finished them. My pen name on FanFic is SHERRILEE http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1648724/SherriLee

I'm Green Amethyst (obviously you already knew that). For some unknown reason you are bored enough to read my profile, so here are a couple things to waste your time with!

Name: Hmm... Not telling you my real one.

Address: I'm skipping this one too (I wonder why?). But I do live in Florida, and I used to live in New Jersey. My parents were born in China.

Birth date: Not a chance, stalkers (thought you got me there, eh?)! I'm fifteen as of... now. TMI yet?

My favorite books: ooooo-Twilight Saga-ooooo-Maximum Ride-ooooo-Study Series-ooooo-Tamora Pierce novels-ooooo-Outlander Series-ooooo-

My favorite TV channels: ooooo-Disney Channel-ooooo-Tennis Channel-ooooo-ESPN-ooooo (Random, ain't it?)

My favorite song artists (partial and in no particular order): oo-Kevin Rudolf-oo-Flo Rida-oo-Alicia Keys-oo-Rihanna-oo-Colbie Caillat-oo-Miley Cyrus-ooo-Taylor Swift-oo-Paramore-oo-Lady Gaga-oo-Demi Lovato-oo-Selena Gomez-oo-Dido-oo-Avril Lavigne-oo-Emily Osment-oo-Carrie Underwood-oo-Black Eyed Peas-oo

My favorite color: Green

My favorite animal(s): turtles and rabbits

My life: Tennis. Unless you're sure you know me, you have no idea how good I am at tennis. No freaking idea. You can bet you'll see me on ESPN in years to come.

My insignifigant hobbies: ~Writing. I've been writing a little fanfiction before a became a user, and also lots of other stuff ~Reading. If someone likes to write, and doesn't enojoy reading, there is something wrong with them ~Origamis. I'm better than you think, trust me ~Drawing. I only state the truth; I've got talent in this area too ~Sculpting. I never really get the time or clay, but when I do, the results are fabulous~Ice Skating~ Recreationally. I am awesome, for as much as I actually get to skate :D~

Appearances: oo-my height is 5'8"-oo-my weight is about 120lbs-oo-my eyes are brown-oo-my hair is DARK brown-oo-I'm very tan-oo-I'm lean but very athletic-oo Ha! Think you can spot me in a crowd?

Amethyst G's Random and Recent Section: Everytime I log on I'll update & try to fill up all the bullet points.

~ I'm really liking "Again Again" Lady Gaga. Again, Again, and Again Again!

~Did you know on November 16th, 2010 at 6:39pm-6:43pm in South Florida you could have seen the ISS in orbit, crossing the sky? Well I did :)

~ If you are obsessed with the Twilight Saga like I am, go to for a billion quotes on Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn!

~ Even though I still totally love Cole Sprouse, Sterling Knight is getting the lead. OMG I LOVE CHANNY.

~ Look for cool PC wallpapers on

~ Did I forget to mention? I LOVE to ice skate. As a hobby, recreationally, whatever. But I have my own pair of Riedell skates and go to Incredible Ice (Saveology Sportsplex now) as often as I can!

~ O.M.G. I love A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray. Need to get my hands on the next two books!!

~ This year, I have a debit card to actually buy gifts for the holidays

YOU THINK YOU KNOW ME? You might. Here are some random clues:

I used to live in New Jersey

I'm part of the USTA & ITF

I'm Chinese

I used to attend Mount Olive Middle School

I recently attended the Harold Solomon Tennis Institute

I live in South Florida

I used to play tennis at Center Court

I have an adorable little sister named whose name is pronounced Porsche

I have travelled the wOrLd: -nEw JErSeY-FLOrIdA-gEOrGIa-aLAbAmA-CAlIfOrNiA-aRIzOnA-VIRgIniA-pENnSyLvaAnIA-DELeWArE-MArYlaNd-nEw YOrK-iLlInOiS-KENtUcKy-uTaH-SoUtH cArOlInA-nOrTh CaRoLiNa-TeXaS-oHiO-HAwAiI-tEnNeSsEe-MiSsIsSiPpI-TeNnEsSeE-aRkAnSaS-cAnAdA-CHiNa-sPaIN, FrANcE, geRMaNy, HoLLaNd-BeLgiUm-MoRocCo

So if you know someone that qualifies...chances are that's me ;) Good luck!

o--OooooooooooooooooooooO-Amethyst G-OooooooooooooooooooooO--o

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